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Very slow in doing things, why do they accept so many RVs, waste of my time

I believed the CEO Marcus made a big mistake on his statement, "If you are not happy, I am not happy", It should be: If you are not happy, I am happy because your money is in my pocket".

I have another bad experience with the camper world, Berkley, MA. We purchased our RV and paid in March, we did not pick it up until 2nd week of May. Finally, upon picking it up, we took it across the countries traveling, it was fun but we came upon many problems such flooded toilet, we did not trained how the generator was to turn on for zone 2 AC, we traveled in a sauna condition.

Now comes to an appointment after return from traveling, some parts that were ordered have not arrived, therefore, our RV sat in the shop for almost a month, they only fixed one thing and changed oil and did not reset the system, therefore, the "oil change is due" popped up everytime.

So our recent appointment on August 25, 2021 was a wasted of time, we have an appt at 11 am, we rushed our life to get there on time, we ended going home after waiting for them to look at and they said we are to drop it off, rv will be look at when they have time., they had 20 other RVs from last month are still in line waiting for services. Then why do CW made appt. with us for? It will sitting in the shop till they repair the other 20 RV.

CW have no manpower, very slow in doing things, why do they accept so many RVs, waste of my time. They could have at least take down the new order of our awning motor that went out, and cannot even do that for us. We went home.

Name: Linda Chu Mei

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