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We dropped it off in September 2020 and as of this date, May 4th 2021, it’s still there

In 2016 we purchased a 38 ft 5th wheel made by Keystone. It was a Cougar with 4 slide outs. The day we picked it up it all started.

The purchase was in Kissimmee Florida camping world. Our trade in was parked next to our new purchase in front of the bay doors. The power cords went into the Bay Area allowing air to be turned on both trailers while we moved our stuff from one trailer to the other.

We noticed the air conditioner in our new trailer was going on and off. They looked at it stating that it was a sensor that fell from it’s usual location. It continued doing it and they finally stated it was normal function.

My wife and I finished up about 7:00 pm that evening and when went to unplug the electric line the shop was closed and everybody went home. Now we have an electrical cord stuck under the bay door. We tried calling the salesman and the Camping World emergency number but was unsuccessful.

We now tried calling the cops. An hour later no cops. Then I remembered that the key to the side compartments were the same on the other keystone Cougars. I went and removed a power line from one of the other campers and continued to our camp site just a few miles down the road.

We arrived at our site and upon disconnecting found that a lock was on the king pin and we didn’t receive a key from them. I ended using a hack saw at 9:00 at night in order to unhook the truck. We still hadn’t eaten lunch or dinner on top of all this.

Upon using the trailer we found that the shower base appeared to be flexing up and down while you showered . I went and told them back at the store what occurred yesterday and the problem I felt needed addressing. They checked the trailer and said that was normal flexing and would not cause any problems.

As time went by the next that went was the motor for the awning. Then came the hot water heater which was brought in 3 times to get fixed. The circuit board had to be replaced because they claim the circuit board was cracked. All we could out of the hot water heater was Luke warm water.

Now the air conditioner quits and had I not had another installed in the bedroom area we surely would cooked from the summer heat. Next we found that when we pulled out from a campground water poured out the back. The shower pipe had come loose and was running unbeknownst to us in the undercarriage. This caused black mildew to build up on wood flooring. The insulation had to be replaced as well as some of the flooring. We were charged over $ 2,700.00 to have that repaired.

Next came the kitchen slide out . It was stopping and going as you brought out the slide out. Camping World states the refrigerator was to heavy and along with not enough bracing the wood was bowing. In 2020 we brought it back for the slide out and another new problem. The automatic leveling front legs had to be replaced as a gear broke in the front left leg motor.

We dropped it off in September 2020 and as of this date May 4th 2021 it’s still there. When I dropped it off I told them I wasn’t in no rush as I had shoulder surgery. We finally get a call from one of the people in the repair to come and pick it up.

We came a few days later and found that nothing was done on it. We left it. Weeks later received 2nd call to pick up trailer. We arrived and found the slide out still not fixed slide out was not fixed and that the other front leg now needed to be replaced as it was not functioning right. So, back home we go for the 2nd time without out the trailer.

With 7 months now gone since they had it they call us and stated the trailer was done, but the slide out was doing the same thing, stopping and going. They stated that the reason for this was the floor was bowed from improper support and/or improper bracing. They claimed the slide out was removed and this issue addressed last year.

They said that I could use it for the season and bring it back in. I told them to fix it now and correctly. So now we wait... again. This is the Camping World corporation and the wonderful Keystone Cougar for making a lemon.

Name: Richard T Brizell

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