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We have counted almost 30 fixes, most of them due to neglect

My name is Patricia Moore. My spouse and I are filing a complaint on the horrific, stressful experience with Tampa Camping World due to negligence to he highest level. The Professionalism we received with Sales, financing and repair department . Before we do, we wanted to address these issues in hopes that you would make it right and honor an extension on warranty for at least 8 months to a year after the proof and just to set our minds at ease. We believe among others that this unit was NEVER washed, that it was neglected in the hands of Tampa Camping world .

Our dream for many years, our purchase made on 6/27/2020 on A brand NEW 2019 Thor Chateau 22B , Mileage 1100, Vin #21699 from Tampa Camping World RV sales was a disaster. My Complaint is against Tampa Camping World’s is Negligence and the customer service stress we endured throughout our experience to a point we had to walk away from them.

A full year of warranty just ended this month and we have not finished repairs from purchase. The Motor home has been in and out of shops for the past year. We used this motor home 3 months, 2 long weekends and 10 days, a total under 3 weeks total. Yet we were unable to freeze our Insurance on Motor home due to it being off premises in and out of shops.

It started when we came across an advertisement of a Motorhome listed at camping World in Tampa Florida. We were looking for a new Motorhome at the right price. We had been looking for several days. We came across one listed on line located at camping world Tampa. This commute was in Tampa, 2 hours, 4 hours round trip without traffic. We thought if we purchased new we would not have to worry about returning. We made two appointments (proof remains on my iPhone) with a salesman Dan for walk through and we were dismissed both times. He was too busy with other prospect buyers. Both times when we arrived Dan was busy with prospect buyers. On both occasions, we waited approximately 1 ½-2 hours before we decided it was time to go due to commute and Virus. Nevertheless we never received a walk around but financing was done on second visit. We received 5 minutes of Dan’s time to negotiate price. During this 5 minutes he knew we were not happy providing a walk through, felt guilty and through in a spare tire. After owning it now a year could it be that he knew about all the issues on this Motor home. Hmmm

We witnessed an attitude towards the pay rate and also mentioned that he did not care about what camping world thought, this job, it was a flat fee on anything he sells.(1600 ?)

Once again, our plan was to purchase a Brand New Thor Motor home so we would not have to worry about Defects, wear & tear and commute.

Now we have come to question… Was this motor home ever used? Why no walk through? How could a business neglect a beautiful motor home? Wasn’t even washed. Why was it a mess with silicone everywhere? (this all addressed through Le Mesa RV center) Invoice agreed and shocked over the negligence on roof top and silicone a mess throughout unit. A New unit had to be redone with silicone on top and cleaned up throughout.

All the work was done through two mobile persons, LeMesa in Sanford Florida and ourselves

All proof available.

Third time during pick up we brought a friend along with us and he thought what we thought, some cosmetic fixes. They said they would take care of a few fixes before our final pick up. Never done…These issues were the rug, the draws mechanics, stains on cabinetry, rust on bumper, Decal and adjustment on dinette table. They did ABSOLUTELY nothing. They told us that it was our issue and warranty would take care of it. Wow!

Dan never gave us any of his time, he knew it was a sure deal on day one. We were very interested in the RV and unfortunately we got all but 5 minutes of his time ONLY to negotiate price. He sent us off to finance on second visit and we left with RV the following visit. Theresa and one of her service men told us to book appointment but first take it home and use it, and make a list of defects, that most likely we would need more work done. They told us That this was normal for buyers (defects) to take home and use, make a list then bring it in for warranty work. We were shocked to hear this.

After owning it for 8 months ( It finally hit us. They neglect units so they do not have to pay for defects…wait for someone to purchase and use their warranty. My god. It made me nauseous and I finally understood)

But the question is why couldn’t they fix the few cosmetic defects to appease us, the ones we addressed on first visit? They had a few days. They had a week. That would have been the professional and right thing to do for your customer.

Third visit we were frustrated and decided to walk through ourselves. We had friend whom owned one, he would help us once we got it home. At this point they were not going to accommodate us so they locked up the unit and told us it was ready for travels. What else could we do?

This is when our nightmares begun with them…our travels home, I followed my husband and his friend home. Approximately 15 minutes into our travels on Highway I-4 and suddenly the storage door begins to open. They had placed the spare tire in the storage and NEVER locked it. I saw people on his left continuously beeping trying to get his attention while I had to dig for my phone in my purse to call him. The tire was leaning on the door. Finally called him and he pulled off highway emergency lane. They never locked the door! We were at risk, not to mention other drivers on his left in fast lane. (I have photos and video of this, the very first day driving it home)

If that tire did not fall the way it did inside storage, we would have no doubt encountered a tragedy on the highway and people would have been hurt.

We get home, the 3 of us decided to do a full walk through. As soon as we pulled in the driveway, I noticed a screw (torq)in the front tire. This screw had been in this tire for a very long time. (Pictures will prove)as soon as we pulled in driveway, I called Theresa immediately, the same day, the purchase day. Theresa told me that this was our fault, that the tire was our responsibility, that I would have to purchase a new one. She started raised her voice and treated us with disrespect . After sending the pictures, she had no choice but to honor and fix tire for pictures proved the screw had been there for some time. The screw never pierce the tire inside, where it was punctured it never caused a flat or low air. However. we could not believe how we were treated. They have lied to us from the very beginning.

After 8 months of owning this RV, for a year we are positively sure that this Motor home had been neglected. (we wondered if the techs were certified) and learned from a friend who only worked there a few months that it’s practice that some are not certified.

We brought it back once, left it there for almost two weeks in hopes they would honor the few cosmetic and ask them to fix the list above, BUT all they did was the tire change. How could this place last as long as it has?

Theresa in service even tried to take our spare away from us, we had to fight back on this and that’s when we realized we could never returned. They could not be trusted. There was no remorse or apology for storage incident or tire issue. This place is a joke and all I could think is to warn other buyers.

As a small store front business owner for almost 15 years, what we experience as seniors, no one should ever be treated the way we were. From Service to Sales and management. The worse ever! I spoke to Cathy in Finance several times. She had quit after our purchase. She warned us of them. Wish she had done this before I signed agreement.

In almost a year since our purchase, we have used our motor home for 2 long weekends and one trip to my son’s in N.C. Since Day one this motor home has been in and out of shops for the duration of the 12 month warranty. We have also paid for mobile services several times to come to us due to tire incident and slider computer part just stopped working.

We have counted almost 30 fixes, most of them due to neglect.

My spouse and I have always dreamed of owning a motor home. Now… Because of our experience we are NOW very worried about the future of this 2019 Brand new motor home after warranty has expired. For a new Unit, So much of it has been replaced and fixed. Friends and family have mentioned the word “Lemon”

I have proof of pictures stamped, videos of highway tragic and texts from Dan. All the proof we need. I am looking for an extension of at least 8 months to a year warranty (same as purchased) for the stress, our time, our money spent (insurance & Gas) due to Camping World negligence.

Not realizing it until weeks later, this Unit looks used. Never ever washed. If it received any attention someone would have seen the screw in front tire. This business is very Unprofessional and we were told that they just hire anyone as technicians with not enough background experience in the field. Told by one person who worked there a few months and left because of their ethics.(witness)

This is a place I would never take my motor home to. Facts do not lie. We never went back. We lost some warranty work due to this.We took care of some of the work ourselves. Here is a list of work done.

This work recognized immediately within a month

**Tire replaced:

**Generator worked on three ties code

**Slider board replaced

**Toilet Replaced

**Awning missing parts, wires fixed

**Dinette Table replaced

**Burner heater Diverter missing & replaced

**Dinette shade replaced

**Kitchen Window replaced

**Roof Top re-done Silicone

**Crack Outside in back of truck repaired

**Refrigerator worked on & missing parts

**Floor raised from drivers to passenger side

**Cabinetry Stained

**Slider on outside repaired silicone

**Outside Grab bar replaced, Cracked did someone hit something or vice versa?

**Top of back wheel stained and repaired

** Rust on Bumper Never addressed *******

**Paint chipped on driver’s door Never fixed*******

**House battery replacement…

**Decals on driver’s side & Passenger’s side replaced

** Storage door fixed…Never be the same, still off due to negligence of tire/ driving incident. They never locked

**Light on outside plug replaced

**Velcro half torn, replaced under ladder

**Entrance Door Offline. Could not lock second lock 3 tries, it’s fixed

**ALL Draws needed New Hardware. We

**Quarter tank of gas

** Never washed Unit during purchase.. During tire replacement We made them wash it

** Silicone a mess. Ask Le Mesa RV Sales. They addressed this to me.. Even after I took care of a lot

**Outside Inlet diverter valve replaced

***Not Everything has been taken care of at this time because of pandemic, parts on back-order.

We have receipts, notes made by other shops who agree that this was negligence

***With all the negligence and distrust in Camping world we felt it was important to Pay for an oil change in our 2cd-3rd month even though it was their job to accommodate free of charge. Unfortunately we never returned after tire was replaced. We could not place our trust in them.

We never got the chance to utilize our sirus free radio. It was in shop most of the year.

We hope that you consider extending the warranty. We are not confident in this unit . We were so excited about this purchase and our retirement and now this purchase has left us fearful of what may go wrong next.

Please extend this warranty a year. This would not only give me back the confidence in this unit but also add a peace of mind to our purchase.

Name: Mr & Mrs Patricia Moore

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