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We were told this was normal

"I would not recommend ever dealing with campers world . This was a purchase to give us peace and enjoy our summers so far it's been nothing but a complete nightmare."

August 28 2021 we bought a 2021 forest river vibe 28rb ..on the walkthrough there was a few issues . Shade were wrong one didnt match ..sone licks were not working , the pantry door was coming off the hinges ,the refrigerator doors were scatched .missing screws . kitchen paint needed a second coat .,bathroom shower cold water nob was missing .front decal was scratch and gouged same with the side decal both needed to be replaced .the bedroom heating element was missing ..and so on trim was broken over tv and side of table passthrough door didnt open lock was spinning ..bedroom closet door needed adjustment

Well we were told this was normal and they would order parts and as soon as they came in they set a appointment and in two weeks the camper will be perfect . So we went ahead signed the papers august 28 2021 on dec 2 2021 we were told parts were in drop the camper off we did that same day .

January passed we called told some parts are not in .feb we called they said we we next ..march we drove there they told us they broke our hitch they forgot to raise it when moving the camper but replaced it not satisfied with the hitch they replaced it again there wasnt anything done we asked what's going on ?

We are told with covid it was hard getting parts and they were backed up ..asked us to give them a week well week passed i called was told they were doing a walk through checking off the what was done april came and we drove there in the bedroom the ceiling lights were hanging down asked why no one knew we noticed the solar wasnt strong enough to open the slide out we were told it was wired backwards they said not to worry it will be done they assured us ..nay

after constantly calling we were told it was done that the service manager and the service advisor both did a walk through and it was done ..we made an appointment to get our camper may 2022 .9 months later finally done we drove no Leslie service advisor no joe service manager we were told it was there day off ..well nothing was done in our camper. Except we were missing a sink drain .both hot and cold water caps were gone our batteries straps gone there's two rusted old tanks were our new ones were

Amy a service advisor tried helping us paul a service manager ordered a tech to grab two new propane tanks toi there a gouge in my mantle and there oil on my rugs. And in bedroom a light cap was missing .

Paul told us to please take our camper home that they would come to our house as many times as it took to finish this camper ..after all the new damage and missing parts and our tanks being tooken my husband ask paul do you have the authority to make that decision to send techs to our home he said yes everything can be done at your house and sent amy to write it up ..

we took the camper home. a week later amy set a time for the techs to come they brought the shade and replaced it they brought the drain that was tooken they looked at the solar said its the control panel that was bad we need to order it ..and they left. Amy informed me that the courtesy house call was a favor and that they would come one more time and that would be it I argued back and forth it is not done what if it's not done she said I'm sorry but this is a courtesy we don't can't go to everybody's house well after talking to everybody I could so far they have been coming back.

The next time they came with the refrigerator door put it on a light cap that didn't fit in the bedroom that was tooken they did replace it tech came said they couldn't put the decal on because when the vedy shop took off the decal they gouged the camper it needs to be fixed first they went to the batteries said there nothing wrong with the control panel the battries were drained from sitting so long they ordered two new ones and replaced them told ys our linoleum is lifted and we cannot close our slide I asked why they said because it was never glued down.. still so many thing left to do decals, trim, linoleum locks ,walls passthrough heating element erc .

Next a technician comes to put the heating element in he's never done it before so he googles it YouTube and follow the directions heating element doesn't get hot barely gets lukewarm he doesn't secure the air conditioner on the roof and he leaves so now we can't close our slide out nor can we move our camper even if we could

Next a new service manager Aaron introduces himself and we set for another visit they put the details on we're satisfied so far they take pictures of what else this camper needs which is a lot and they leave so they'll come back another warm day I'm told April 4th 2023 at 10:00 a.m. they'll be here I go out and I put two water bottles in the refrigerator seems kind of warm even though this camper has been plugged in for a week so I leave it I go back at 6:40 that night and they're still warm so I text Aaron he askes me if I have extended warranty and I said this has nothing to do with an extended warranty this is a very first time using this refrigerator light is on it's always been on never used it so I didn't know it wasn't working he told me there was nothing we can do manufacturer won't do anything at this stage ..

we are so frustrated and well it's not my fault that it's been taking this long for you to fix my camper . I look up troubleshooting and find where I can turn it off for 2 hours and turn it back on to reset it I do this and the water bottle in the freezer phrases and the refrigerator feels cold but I do not know if this fix the problem or not cuz I've never used this refrigerator before I send Aaron a text and what I did hopefully they'll show up tomorrow which is April 4th 2023

we have been paying for this camper since August 2021 this is the longest I've ever heard of the walkthrough items being fixed still have painted too paint for the kitchen from the original walkthrough still have locks to do from the original walkthrough still have trim to fix from the original walkthrough still have a gouge in my mantle that was done in their that needs to be taken care just never been through so much bologna taking so long and were treated so badly

I think we have been more than patient with them we missed two seasons we've never got to use this camper yet still can't move it they never secured the air conditioner on the roof hopefully they'll do that on Monday April 4th hopefully they'll check the heating elements so that our place does not burn down from being installed incorrectly hopefully they'll fix the lock so we can actually lock up the camper and I'll fix it pass through so the locks doesn't spin around a circles because you can't lock it can open it also the lock where the outside kitchen doesn't work either there is so many little things and original things to be done I'm just hoping that they get it done and this can be in our past

I would not recommend ever dealing with campers world . This was a purchase to give us peace and enjoy our summers so far it's been nothing but a complete nightmare.

Name: Tonilynne Winters

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J Furey
J Furey
Apr 10, 2023

We purchased two RVs from them. One used one, and then a new one. I have also purchased from other dealers, so I'll say this in general.

1 - Always hire an inspector before purchasing any RV before you sign on the dotted line.

2 - Camping World sells new campers as "as is", so beware when you purchase a new camper.

3 - Camping World falls short on many of the basics. They didn't know how to use the privacy curtain in our camper and we ended up cutting it up and making it work. They later showed us how to make it work. There was zero knowledge of how to use our camper.

4- They have a very…

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