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Well, another week of lies and no camper


Well, another week of lies and no camper in site continues. Camping World, Oakwood, Georgia continues to let our camper sit in their parking lot with no repairs, no word on which future year we may get it back, and no kind of effort to at least keep their lies up.

The report we got this week was the same: refrigerator is on back order, nothing mention concerning the door repair, kitchen window trim repair, or the bracket for the spare tire repair ( which JayCo sent a recall letter on). We continue to spend OVER $500.00 each week for hotel and gas expenses for my job assignment. Our dinners now consist of candlelight peanut butter/jelly sandwiches due to hotel rates are "normal rates again because COVID is now over." was the answer given for the increase.

I wish someone would hurry and tell the world so nurses could breath without mask for 12 hour shifts, people could stop dying from COVID, and the government would turn it's attention to corporate America who continues to rob people blind like Camping World for example.

Marcus Lemonis and his Camping World den of thieves are so bad there is a website called, " Victims Of Marcus Lemonis". This website is very real with hundreds of horror stories like ours. My question is; how on earth does this sh.. eating grinning man stay in business.

We now have another ticket number #2675219 from Dave, a supposedly right hand man of Lemonis calling to offer now a $250.00 gift certificate, his first offer months ago was a $20.00 cooler. This was the first of many statements he made stating a refrigerator is not necessary for using our camper but he would send a olive branch in the form of a $250.00 gift certificate."

Dave said he would call Camping World and follow up concerning our camper. We never heard another word even though Nelson left two more messages on his voice mail for a return call on June 30th. I cannot tell future buyer victims enough to stay away from this business, go to "Omar the tent maker" or have your grandmother sew a tent for you instead.

Just a thought: If enough victims of Marcus Lemonis would band together to file a class action lawsuit we could possible stop this man's lies and stealing from hard working people. My husband is researching this as I type my VERY HONEST BUT SAD REVIEW AGAIN.

Name: Kathy Walden

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