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What can we do besides a lawsuit?

I purchased a new Coleman, (CW's own brand made by Dutchmen) in February 2019 at the CW in Colorado Springs. I set it up to use two weeks later, it was cold outside in Feb. The furnace did not work.

I contacted the CW location is Colorado Springs and they said to bring it to them and they would work on it. They felt it should be ready to pick up in a month or two. LOL I live in my RV because I work construction and travel to jobsites. They didn't care.

Repeated problems since then have lead me to spend about $2,000 on things that were broken within three months of my purchase. The converter should last 15-20 years, but I am now installing the third one in two years. Why? Professional repair people (not CW, no professionals there) have told me there has to be an electrical problem for that to happen.

Everyday I wake up wondering what the new problem will be. For the last three weeks it has been the refrigerator, hot water heater, furnace, radio (has never worked), oven (told it is a design flaw, Fussion brand), and last night a glass cover on the stove blew up (sounded like a shotgun blast), and two captains chairs were worn out after 12 months of use.

I have taken it to five different CW locations, they all want to keep it for 3-6 months so it can be repaired but estimated the cost to be around $4,000.

Why should I pay to repair something that was broken when it was still under warranty?

I have come to realize that they own the warranty company and want no claim payouts, so, they either keep your RV past the end of the warranty, or just tell you it is fixed (knowing they did nothing to repair it) when it is not.

You get home with it and nothing works.

What can we do besides a lawsuit? It would have to be a class-action lawsuit and they take a lot of time, years, to complete. But, maybe someone needs to get it started.

Name: Melvin Kary Prince

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