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What kind of CEO allows his company to treat his customers so badly?

What kind of CEO allows his company to treat his customers so badly?

Management at the Denton Texas Camping World store is horrible.

In April 2022 we brought our camper in for repairs for hail and wind damage.

They had it for a month and never touched it. I had a weekend camping in June, and more throughout the summer.

So I spoke to the service manager, Sean, and the store manager, Jeff, and sent a letter to the camping world corporate office to let them know exactly what was going on before getting repairs done. I told them all that I needed our camper road worthy before a certain date.

At that point, I thought that I had covered all my bases.

I went to pick it up the camper, and the caulking was still wet, had holes in it, and the r panel that had been replaced was not sealed in properly. The shoddy repairs done by the Camping World Denton store caused the roof of our camper to balloon up and rip off while we were driving down I-35. The night that this happened it poured down rain. The damages to the roof allowed water to saturate the plywood on the roof of our camper, making it a health hazard.

When we returned the camper to the Denton Store, all they did was point fingers.

First, they said that they never touched the roof.

The repairs indicated that they did.

Then they said the roof had been repaired previously.

Meanwhile, it is just sitting in their parking lot. It rained again during this time.

Page 10 of USAA’s report says plainly that the roof was never previously repaired.

Our plan was to get it fixed and trade it in for an upgraded model.

Now that we don’t have a camper anymore, there is none to trade in.

I would think that a business that depends on customers would be willing to work with us.


Holes in the caulking tell me two things. First, the worker never went back to check their work. Also, the boss never checked it either.

I have read through the stories posted here, and it breaks my heart that they are just getting away with treating people this way.

Name: Kelly Reed

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