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What they said would be 3 days was 3 weeks

I had an experience a few months ago in Mesa at CW. Took 5th wheel toy hauler in for lock bar install and what they said would be 3 days was 3 weeks. Every time I bring it in they pull it to the back with a forklift. Never a problem and when I went to office to pick up trailer, they said to go back to stall to pick it up as the forklift operator said he can't move it because he didn't have the correct plate? Was this a prelude to "something happened earlier but we are not telling you?

The service writer said the fork lift driver didn't have the correct Pin Plate to move mine? Makes one wonder how they got it back there to begin with? Brought home, parked it in front of house and then a friend came with me to storage to assist in backing and to run his generator on his coach. Parked the trailer and walked to rear to plug in solar on back door and saw my squashed ladder on the side and dents and scrapes on left rear from bottom corner to about 7 feet up. No marks on the lock bars but underneath there was. Damage happen prior to the install of lock bars?

I called the service and got the, "Gee I didn't see anything when you left. How do we know it wasn't there when you brought in?" Called corporate and...Oh my God! That guy sounded like I owed him money! Rude and not exactly the customer retention type!

Name: David G Pratt

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