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When I pick up my motorhome it will be the last time I ever set foot in any Camping World

I ordered a replacement awning for my motorhome. I asked parts if they needed to see it before they ordered and was told no just take a picture of the model and serial number of the awning. I ordered it end of May, never had a message or call from anyone.

I called July 3rd and was told it had been setting there for a month. Made an appointment for July 16 at 10am, was in a car wreck so could not make, called and left motorhome after lunch. After several days I called left a message no one called back. Next day I call again and was informed parts had ordered an awning without the aluminum cover so I would have to either take this one or pay several hundred dollars more and wait another 4 weeks for delivery.

I said no install the awning you have. Another 4 days go by, called to find out when it might be done, no return call. Finally called the next day and without consulting me was told the awning was too long, they sent the awning to a shop to be cut down and it will be another week before it comes back and only GOD knows how long before it will be installed. When I pick up my motorhome it will be the last time I ever set foot in any Camping World.

Name: Ray Blankenberg

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