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Why CW is solely Responsible for what they sell, and NOT the Manufacturer! I tasked myself to delve into the business infrastructure and practices which have incensed so many while rendering others in financial ruination.

During the time I had been quite active within this Group, I was contacted by a person who presently holds a rather prestigious position working for CW Corporate. As I have lost all faith in humanity, it took a while for me to entertain certain things which were told to me as factual, until I was afforded an opportunity to view first hand, the documentation supporting what this individual had been telling me.

I am now convinced. With this said, I feel the time has come to share this information with all of you... There has been a lot of input by others insofar as the blame game is concerned in that why everyone was leaning on CW as the sole fault of selling damaged and defective units, when the problematic issues didn't just suddenly appear when CW sold faulty units to Customers which they received direct from the manufacturing plant where the problems did exist.

In all fairness, those statements would be accurate and true. HOWEVER, this is not the case. Why the Manufacturer is NOT AT FAULT FOR PRODUCING and DELIVERING DEFECTIVE UNITS: (There are going to be a lot of CW Sales Staff along with dealership level management that are not going to be very happy upon learning the truth as to how CW Corporate has significantly cut into Sales Commissions with management fully aware they are lending their hand directly to this financial loss.) So, here goes:

1) CW, DDRV, RV GIANT, etc., places orders with several Manufacturers for various different models to be placed for sale on their lots, respectively;

2) These units are then transported to the Dealerships for delivery;

3) The manufacturers realize that not all product delivered from their line will be free from defects and therefore offer the dealerships the opportunity to Pre-Inspect each unit ordered to address any issues which are discovered prior to placing them on their lot for sale;

4) In the event any damage or defects are discovered to no fault of the dealership they are given two options:

a) Return those defective units for replacement; or

b) Submit an invoice by the Service Manager detailing all damage and defects to be repaired/replaced, including the cost of parts and labor in order to get the unit into showroom shape to sell;

5) Upon receipt of that invoice the Manufacturer without question will cut a check for the full cost of repairs claimed, payable to the dealership. This amount could be upwards of $10k or more, rarely less. The responsibility/liability for these reparations has now shifted from Manufacturer to Dealer, transaction complete and closed;

6) According to proof, CW receives these excess funds meant to repair those units, however, fails to do so. The unit is then directly placed onto their lot for sale, disregarding the state of the unit and required repairs ignored;

7) The only party aware of these funds being paid is the Manager of the Dealership and, of course, Corporate, who shares nothing with their sales staff except that because the units were tagged as damaged, the sales people are told they will not be able to sell the units as originally slated, hence significantly cutting into their ability to receive the full commission they would have ordinarily be entitled to. This level of secrecy or failure to disclose these facts are intentionally omitted for fear by the Manager losing their job. This is CW's upper level training model to be followed by every Manager working under the CW brand;

8) The units sell, along with the pushed Good Sam ESP, locking the Customer into the necessity to exercise their repairs to CW;

I don't know what or if the information I have provided will somehow be useful to anyone, nevertheless, if it helps just one person, I've done my job...

Name: Sandra B Greene

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