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Within the 1st Day of Having Our Unit, We Started Noticing Problems

We purchased our RV on May 7, 2020 in St. George Utah. While picking up the unit we were told several things that in hindsight didn't make sense or were inaccurate. Within the 1st day of having our unit, we started noticing problems with the it.

We drove the unit back to our home state and had it looked at by our local Camping World (CW). They sent in a request for several warranty issues. We were told that those repairs would take some time so to take the unit, enjoy our summer, and they would fix those issues in fall ( most of these issue appeared to be cosmetic).

We traveled out of state with the unit and began experiencing more problems, including massive water issue, lights not working, outlets not working, air conditioner going off randomly, back up camera not working, running lights not working.... the list goes on and on.

On July 16th, in the middle of our trip, we noticed a burning smell coming from the unit so decided we needed to go home immediately. We packed up and left for home on the morning of July 17th. That morning, I called CW and told them we were coming home, that this unit was no longer acceptable to us and that I feared this unit was dangerous for any person to be in.

That evening at approximately 8:30 PM, while driving down the highway, our unit caught on fire. The fire department determined that the fire was caused by an electrical issue in the unit.

We have been trying desperately to get Camping World and Jayco to make this right but have been continuously ignored, pushed aside, insulted and emotionally destroyed. This situation has been absolutely horrific for my family. My daughter, myself and my husband have experienced something we wish we could forget but know that we never will. Our hearts are broken, our confidence is weakened, and or fears are life altering.

No one should ever be in a vehicle with their child and attached to a burning unit while driving down the highway. The fact that this happened to us has been devastating and the fact that we have been treated in such an insignificant manner has made it even worse.

Name: Anonymous

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