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Within two weeks I was having issues.

I purchased a new Jayco travel trailer from Camping World in Georgetown Kentucky in September 2019. I’ll try to make this as brief as possible.

When I arrived at 10 AM for my appointment to pick up my camper. I was told to have a seat and someone would be right with me. One hour later I asked when someone would assist me. Finally someone took me into a room and started Pitching me on all of the things I should buy and would need.

I explain to him that our deal had been finalized two days earlier and I was just here to pick up my camper. That’s when this man became verbally aggressive. At that point I demanded to see the GM. What was supposed to take approximately two hours ended up taking five hours to get The camper hitched to my vehicle.

Within two weeks I was having issues. My furnace went out on the Natchez trace Parkway With a record temperature of 15°. Had to go two hundred miles out of my way to have it repaired. Exactly 30 days later it went out again. Since then it has gone out a third time and having it repaired is like climbing Mount Everest.

The following is a list of other issues I have that they have not repaired. Sink faucet leaks. Water heater has a light drip leak. Support bracket on waste tank plumbing not secured causing crack in pipe. Their idea of repair was radiator hose and clamps. Radio did not work. When they repaired it they lost the faceplate. Square head bolt came through vinyl floor. Air conditioner drips water inside. Possibly due to a design flaw of location of air conditioning in stall. Four of the light fixtures interior flicker like strobe lights. Water pump has intermittent issues. Refrigerator door is out of alignment and won’t stay closed. Also, has a defective on/off switch.

And I was told by a service manager at the Georgetown Kentucky Camping World that if I didn’t like it, don’t come back.

Name: Alan Shinn

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