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Worst retail decision I have ever made!

Worst retail decision I have ever made! My wife and I purchased a brand new 2020 Outback 330 RL from Camping World in Nov of 2019. From our first trip to every trip after that has been nothing but problems from major leaks to faulty electrical systems, gas appliances, and slide outs.

After our first trip the hot water heater, furnace, and the battery charging system did not work, we also found our first major leak. We brought it in to address the first list of issues.

Fast forward through multiple back and forth conversations showing them the mold damage and wet areas, they had it for over 8 months of the first nine months I owned it and it still leaks in the exact same spots. It is a wonder if they did any work at all.

They are terrible at returning calls and do not care about the customer. At this point I am stuck with a defective camper and all the while my unit is depreciating rapidly therefore selling it to purchase a more reliable replacement is not an option.

All in all I am out thousands of dollars countless hours of my time wasted driving to the dealer, talking with the dealer and had to cancel a number of trips because Camping World can’t be bothered to help the customer. I can’t even begin to express the level of regret and frustration I have felt during this ordeal, the best I can do is warn others to stay away from the shady business that is Camping World’s RV Sales depart.

I have at least two other friends who have purchased their RV from Camping World and they too have had nothing but problems. STAY AWAY from Camping World when buying an RV!!!!!!!


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