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You do not need to be a customer to have Camping World and Marcus Lemonis screw you over

I had a luxury 5th wheel camper that I sold as a private party to another individual. He was inexperienced at having a camper/rv and asked if it could be taken to be checked out to make sure it was not a lemon. I had a handshake agreement and bill of sale written up for $47,000. I knew NOTHING of Camping World, other than for parts for RV's, as I bought my camper through a private broker.

Camper World's employees in Robertsdale, AL combed through my camper, which we took pristine care of. They claimed that my camper need $17,000 in repairs due to "damage from rodents chewing through wires" and a number of other bogus nonsense. Every mechanical feature in the camper works flawlessly except for the built in vacuum cleaner which I informed the buyer needed a new engine. Camping World has the prospective buyer call me and asked if he could buy it for $30,000 and pay Camping World $17,000 to 'do the repairs'. I said 'NO', cause I had a feeling Camping World was scamming. The camper was returned to my house at MY EXPENSE and when I looked over their claims, it's clear they were nitpicking to either A) Take a Third of my Sale for their profit needlessly by propping up bogus repair needs to the buyer OR B) Taking my buyer and pointing him to the sale of a camper in their inventory --- WHICH IS WHAT THEY DID! Camping World undermined my private sell by playing on the fears and inexperience of a new buyer. I am out $250 as well for the re-delivery of the RV. And my former potential buyer, who was inexperienced, had to pay $1100 to have Camping World 'inspect' the RV.

You do not need to be a customer of Camping World to have Camping World and Marcus Lemonis screw you over. I intend to explore legal options to go after Camping World for tortious interference. People must fight back against anti-competitive business practices like this.

Name: Mike A

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Christopher Brantley
Christopher Brantley
Oct 27, 2023

$17,000 is an awfully big number to pull out of thin air. obviously they did a good enough job showing the prospective buyer what was wrong with your unit that it convinced them to not purchase it.

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