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You couldn't make up the horror story I have

You couldn't make up the horror story I have. Camping World Ft Myers is a complete joke. I have had my unit now almost 2 years and it has spent more time at this facility than in my own possession. They tell me they fix things and either break more in the intern or just hold the unit for months to return it unfixed. There is no follow through. I currently have a roof leak they told me they fixed three times now - still leaking. Got up on the roof and see they did nothing.

I have had so many problems with this facility and manager after manager still nothing. Staff turnover is terrible and the techs there know NOTHING!!!!

I was offered "time out of service compensation" but they turned it into a offer of money for a general release. What are they thinking? I read it (the GR), as I am a litigation paralegal and would never sign it. I changed it up and sent it back and they refused to agree so I am looking into another route. I have a book of emails to them over all my problems there. This place needs to close down. We need some sort of solution as I am damaged by them. Marcus does not care. His slogan in not true!!! We need a Class Action or something asap.....

Name: Tweetybird

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