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Zero support for the customer

Bought a leftover Winnebago Navion, 2017, from Camping World, Albany, NY. The refrigerator never worked and the inverter was broken as well. Since it was already a year old, (leftover). The Camping World in Hatfield, MA where we live, would not honor the warranty. Months of calls and legal threats finally got the refrigerator replaced. Zero support for the customer.

After selling the class C, I stupidly purchased a 2021 Cougar from them. 1st trip the front window flooded from a rain storm. Immediately brought it back explained that the window leaked, ruined the mattress and soaked the wood floor as well. They refused to replace the flooring and mattress and would “reseal” the window in 8+ weeks (after camping season. The tech indicated that this is typical and all campers are “hurricanes on wheels when driving down the road”. Zero backing of their product and finally sold it back to the, less $1500.00 and taxes.

I also find it crazy that you need to take out a loan to get a better price. We wanted to pay in full but they receive kick backs from the bank if financed. They push really hard with warranties that they don’t support and extra charges that don’t help the customer. I will NEVER support Camping World again and will share my experience with anyone that will listen.

Name: Mark Theriault

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