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Buyer BEWARE of Camping World Lubbock

Buyer BEWARE of Camping World Lubbock🤬This is a LONG DETAILED READ, don’t say you were not warned🤬And sadly this story is not just me but literally thousands.

They have over 847 complaints at the BBB. There is even a Facebook group devoted to them (see below) oh and the google as well has thousands of complaints🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. HERE GOES….Buyer BEWARE of Camping World Lubbock 🤬Marcus Lemonis motto is a JOKE

My husband and I purchased a new 2020 Forest River Wild Cat 290RL Monday July 13th in Lubbock, Texas. We set our first trip for Friday July 17th and traveled to Weatherford. When we got setup we turned on the AC and began getting everything set for our stay.

1. We noticed a big ripple/bubble in the flooring in the kitchen that travels up the stairs, in the hallway and bathroom.

2. The crown molding falling down in the kitchen

3. Leak in bathroom under the sink.

4. Outside shower no shower head.

5. Hot Water heater not working

6. Now at the RV park over 2 hours AC is still NOT cooling. So we lowered the thermostat down. For our entire stay the RV never cooled down past 83 degrees, which was miserable!

We headed back on Monday July 20th and dropped it off for Camping World to look at and fix what should have been done BEFORE we took it. For a week we heard nothing back and left multiple messages. Finally on Tuesday July 28th I get a call from the technician. He stated that the unit we purchased requires not ONE but TWO AC’s! I asked them why would you not tell us this before we purchased it? We are not RV experts and only assume that a $64,000 unit would come with everything it needs.

Now we find out that it will cost US almost $2000.00 for a second unit AND the unit it came with was not working correctly and needs to be replaced 🤬!This is a BRAND NEW 5th wheel that we were going to begin travel with. And not to mention the AC on it has to be warranted because it did not work.

Wednesday August 5th having ENOUGH of no one answering the phone OR returning a phone call, I head up to talk to “Eric” in service. Upon arriving he is helping someone with their RV problems and the man hands him what looks to be some kind of washer to fix a leak and he is told they will have to order that part🤦🏼‍♀️! He then says they are 2 weeks behind! He comes to help me and reports to me that the black water tank is not in yet. I look at him confused because that is not one of the 6 things wrong with our brand new 2020 unit. So he looks in his drawer and pulls out our work order and finds us. He then tells me that they have “ordered” parts on the 30th! Wait, what? You have had this since the 20th and 10 days later you order parts?

Ok what about all the other things that you could have been fixing in these 10 days, are they fixed? Nope have not even started on them🤬🤬!So the parts are slated to be in HOPEFULLY August 17th. This brand new unit in our possession 5 days has set in their shop almost a month? We have had to cancel our trip and our next trip looks to be the same. We have not even made our first payment on this.

UPDATE: got a call August 14th from the GM Jeff Watts and he is okaying the pulling of a new unit to put on ours and we should have it ready by Wednesday August 19th! They will have us bring the unit back in after season to lay the new flooring as they said you do not lay the flooring during the winter🤦🏼‍♀️ and they will fix the hot water heater at that time as well.

So of course I did not get a call Wednesday and today is August 22nd still nothing. 🤬We do not think this is fair at all and extremely disappointed. Marcus Lemonis CEO of Camping World states, “If you are not happy, I am not happy” so we contacted his corporate office. In reality I know Marcus will never see this but I do know that if you have a problem go directly to the source, which I did. Then if you have no results go higher which I did, now will inform others🤬Got it back September in time for 1 trip🤬🤬🤬***Second trip with this brand new unit was Easter Weekend 2021 was yet another cluster of Broken things 🤦🏼‍♀️💩💩

Switch to retract and extend unit

Water leak

Flooded Kitchen and carpet

Hot Water Heater Water Pump

Cabling throughout Kitchen faucet

Leak around seal in kitchen faucet

Check under penning due to the leaks

Slide with the chairs leans downward

Check all the slider seals

Doors on Propane holder left side is off

Now they are saying it was not winterized correctly, well we did exactly what we were told by your people because they are still months behind! Dropped off April 5th and today April 15th they say it is incorrect Winterizing! Once again we “winterized” according to their service department because they are 8 weeks behind🤬They have been 8 weeks behind for 4 years, check their customer reviews!!!

Then they say they will trade us out of this unit. Thinking they will move us into another unit of equal value. Nope!! They are giving us only 40,000 trade in on this unit🤬🤬🤬So we consider moving up to a Montana and they make us think we are getting a great deal. Selling it to us for 73,000 and only giving us 40,000 for the unit. Then I discovered that the same Montana is selling all over the USA for 62,000 once again screwing us over.

Name: Terri

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