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I have contacted an attorney and they will not be getting away with this!

I purchased a 2022 cottage by cedar creek from Camping world and spent almost $100,000.00. When we went to pick up our trailer 6 months ago during the walk through we noticed several things.

The main thing was that there were 4 small dings in the refrigerator that were not there when we purchased it ( I had taken pictures before we left the lot that day) Several things that were supposed to have been taken care of during the two weeks in between when we purchased the trailer and when we picked it up were not completed. We had also paid extra to have the trailer sprayed to protect it from weathering.

That day I questioned whether it was done or not and they assured me it had been done. Fast forward to today and it's fading already! They asked me to sign a paper stating that they owed me nothing and I refused because of the issues at hand. The general manager Phil (VACAVILLE CA LOCATION) told me that he wasn't going to fix the refrigerator because he didn't make enough money on the deal so therefore, he wasn't going to put any money into it.

I contacted corporate with my issues, and they told me everything would be taken care of. 6 months later I am still waiting. I had been dealing with the Vacaville location directly and things were slowly getting done yet more and more issues were happening. My DIL was breastfeeding my 4-week-old grandson on the sofa bed, (first time using it) and it collapsed causing she and the baby to fall into the top part of the couch.

When Camping world came out to fix it they put a big gouge in my floor as well as knocked my kitchen faucet. The workers didn't bother to say anything so the next time I went to use my trailer water was leaking and I couldn't use my sink.

A month after picking the trailer up we had rain. I entered my trailer and there was water everywhere. The slide outs were leaking. I called camping world and again they sent someone out. This time I had my cameras installed. Their workers banged their ladder against my trailer, forcefully tried to open my bedroom door and broke the key off in it and took apart my sliding door stairs when there was no reason to even do so. They had moved my personal belongings out from under my trailer and failed to put them back.

For 6 months now I have been trying to get all of my issues taken care of including a heater vent that doesn't work! Oh, and BTW still waiting for the keys to my sliding door!! About a month ago I went to use the trailer and it had a bad smell, I thought maybe it was shoes or something but couldn't pinpoint it. The next trip same thing. I had someone else in the trailer and they said it was mold. I had Serve pro come out and sure enough the meter read 56.8. Anything above 21 is bad.

I again reached out to CW and they said they couldn't do anything, so I went to corporate. They refuse to fix the mold problem and gave me two options. First option was they give me 6,000 as a "goodwill gesture" since the coating I paid for didn't work and also to partially compensate for our xmas vacation with the grandkids we had to cancel because they didn't fix the couch in time as promised and we cut ties with them and get our issues fixed elsewhere OR we take 2,000.00 and they fix only a couple of things and not the mold! Not even all of the things that they caused damage to!!

There are other things as well, but you get the gist of it! I have contacted an attorney and they will not be getting away with this! We are discussing whether we can get enough people for a class action lawsuit!

I tweeted Marcus Lemonis and he blocked me, so I opened up a new account. I have been tweeting this webpage every chance I get and hope that you will help share it on all Social Media platforms until he decides to do what is right!

We work hard for our money...this is not okay! I have been in contact with a few others and am organizing a rally near one of his locations. I will NOT be taken advantage of by this man who hides behind a facade!

Name: Anonymous

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