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Marcus VIP team is a joke

Marcus VIP team is a joke. My 7 day old RV needs 10-15K in repairs. Hi everyone. I’m new to owning a 2019 Elkridge. I wanted to post about my experience purchasing from CampingWorld.

I have had nothing but problems from day 1 owning this Elkridge. Everything from slides, furnace, lighting and am now finding Water damage in the bunkhouse. Camping World sent a tech out to attempt to fix items 5 separate times but was consistently unable to.

We ended up hiring a mobile RV repair company to get the furnace going and camping world reimbursed because they couldn’t fix it. The mobile RV repair company advised me my bunkhouse is a mess and looks to have had severe water damage and soft spots in the floor. Camping world refuses to make it right despite them having a CEO “make it right” team.

I understand I bought the unit used, but expected a late model RV to not have the problems and assumed a large company like camping world would not sell a lemon. I can’t believe I have a 55k damaged unit.

Anyone out there from Camping World or have a similar regretful buying experience? Would you be upset to buy a late model unit then find out a few days after owning it that it needs 10-15k in repairs?

Name: Dave Thiem

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