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Mr. Lemonis check on our trailer and make sure the problems are being taken care of!

Mr Marcus Lemonis CEO of Camping World;

On May 23, 2023 we bought a toung hall Minnie trailer from Camping World. originally we toom in our Sundance 5th wheel for servicing our refrigerator, while there we looked at a 2022 Minnie and fell in love with it.

We were already planning our summer vacation for the 23 of June. Every summer we take 3 to 4 weeks off and go camping. If we had known all the problems and stress we would have on this trip with this trailer we would have invested our money on our fifth wheel to get it updated!

The day we brought the Minnie home, getting it ready for our trip we found the regulator for the butane tanks was leaking , so out of our pocket we replaced it, and had spoke to a warranty manager, his reply was he could not do anything cause it was a warranty problem! We replaced the regulator again while camping in Chama, NM and the freezer had stopped working when we got there, so we found our frozen food was all spoiled. We had to throw out all our food we had brought ($300.00) .

So we traveled on to Ark. to a campsite and found a water leak under the bathroom sink and shower, we fixed that. while there we called a RV repair man to fix our hot water heater that was not working, he fixed that and checked out the refrigerator and told us it was bad. The day we picked up the Minne there was a plastic pad hanging under neath the trailer and we were told it was placed there by the previous owner, we were told it was ok. After this trip it got worse and is now coming loose.

Mr . Lemonis I at one time worked for the Federal Government in Quality Control and not a thing left our doors until it met our quality best. Mountain America credit Union has financed this for us. I hope they do not find out the problems we have had. Please Mr. Lemonis check on our trailer and make sure the problems are being taken care of! We would sure like it to be taken care of.

Name: Ben Hamby & Josephine Hamby

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1 Comment

Nov 05, 2023

Bad news. They laugh at this sight for one but I can assure you that the road in front of you is long and bumpy.

in my opinion the only thing you have in your favor is that it is financed and maybe the bank will help. Otherwise. Good luck. Mr “The Profit“ most definitely does not give one s@$t I Guarantee.

BBB will at least give you documentation you have been trying to get their attention but is only a step. Good luck.

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