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We had to cancel several events due to an unsafe RV

Purchased our RV from Camping World in December of 2023. It is now February 2024. Already we had to cancel several events due to an unsafe RV. When I brought it home I found it to be very rusted and was told I had to take care of the rust myself which is $420 to have it professionally treated. The mobile repair guy has come to our place 4 times already.

Spoke with Mrs. Angry Terrie over the phone and she ended up hanging up on me. They refused to provide a Loaner RV or Rent an RV for us. Angry Terrie said that I wasn't supposed to have had a mobile repair guy come to my house to repair the RV. Well, the guy has been so busy with all of the recent sales. All the Camping World RV have been pushed out of the lot without being properly inspected leaving the issues to the customers to deal with. Angry Tarrie also refused to allow me to speak with her supervisor that is when she hung up on me.

We have this RV from Camping World that I do not feel safe hauling. I am being mistreated because I am placing my family in my vehicle and the families that are traveling next to us on the road above the corporate Camping World.

Three months of no use of the RV I purchased. I am stuck with a loan for a dam rust bucket that has a faulty door that likes to pop open in the wind.

Name: Anonymous

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