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Is this legal?

We purchased a $25,000 RV from Camping World in Olive Branch Mississippi, 1.5 years later we had a dry rotted tire that caused over $10,000 damage to our RV going down the interstate. After 6 months to repair it at their facility, this is how it was returned back to us. The main inlet water hose was never installed back to the the RV. It was completely missing. No hose to the water tanks. We had water going everywhere!!! All down the side of the RV and water sprayed all inside the RV. All on the fuse panel, cabinet, walls, floor and underpinning. This is not acceptable!😡 I will never buy anything from Camping World again!!!

I have a question regarding my insurance check made out to “Camping World Collision Center” for repairs to over $10,000 damage on my RV. We have a law suit in litigation due to water damages because they forgot to re-install our main water inlet hose. 😡Camping World told my insurance agent to make the check out to “Camping World Collision Center”. During discovery we have in writing from Camping World that states “Camping World Collision Center Does Not Exist.” 🤔 This got even more interesting after we found out the back of the check was signed by Camping World RV Sales. 🤨 Correct me if I’m wrong but this seems strange. I would like to know what are your thoughts and how I should handle this information.

Follow our case: “Austin vs Camping World “

Is this legal? Maybe they are just trying to make their shareholders happy by making their sales look better than they actually are. 🤔 That’s very interesting 🧐

Name: Derek Sandlin

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