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We have had nothing but $#!@ty workmanship, LIES, and MORE LIES

Oh, where do I begin??? My husband and I purchased our 2023 Jayco Prestige Premier in December 2022 from the Camping World in Strafford, Missouri, with the plan to travel for his work and live in the camper. It's a beautiful Class A and a lifelong dream that Jayco and Camping World quickly turned into a NIGHTMARE..

On the day of delivery, in February 2023, we found TWO PAGES of issues wrong with the camper, some small annoying things, like a crooked radio, other major issues, such as the generator not working, the Norcold refrigerator not working, and the overhead the driver section bed not being secured appropriately to the rails (there were, in fact, NO RAILS)!!

It took until December 2023 to get Camping World to "honor" any kind of warranty. They keep blaming Jayco, Jayco keeps blaming them. They took our camper on December 2 for 3 weeks, and as of today, February 8, 2024 (10 weeks later) they still have it in Akron, Ohio.

The issues we've had are WAY TOO MANY to list here. In addition to the stated things, our cooktop EXPLODED while en route to Ohio. I just found out today that the "window that was sent incorrectly by Jayco" (Per Liz at Akron Camping World) was actually ORDERED INCORRECTLY BY Akron Camping World.

We have had nothing but shitty workmanship, LIES, and MORE LIES. I need to know if we have any recourse at all. If anyone has any ideas, I'm open!!!!!!!

Name: Kelli

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