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The guy at the stealership...

Bought a camper that said it was winterized. When I went to use it everything leaked. I go to town to grab some stuff to fix it and I come back and my awning was ripped most of the way off.

I drop it off after when I get back toward camping world. They have it for 3 months and call me saying it’s ready. It had snowed and the roads were salted so I said “I just wanna leave it there until spring to keep it out of the salt.” The guy at the stealership says that will be fine. This guy also asked me to leave him a 5 star review in the golden halo app, I didn’t do that.

Winter goes by and I get a call from a new guy saying he’s looking into my work order and they’re still waiting on parts when I was already told it’s good to go.

They have had my camper for a year and I don’t want to camp anymore I would like them to buy my camper back off me for what I paid since they had it longer than I have had it. Luckily for me I’m right down the road from them and I can go talk to them face to face that’s usually when I get the best responses. I may have made the guy cry when I explained to him that they don’t care at all about their customers. THEY DONT!

Name: Chad

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