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They actively made me HOMELESS!

This Camping World thing is out of control! They actively made me HOMELESS!

I am currently looking for an investigative journalist that will take on what I think is this massive story about Camping World.

The short: I rented out my house and bought a "new" RV a few weeks ago to go east. Come to find out, it's not new, it's not safe and they are not helping. Now I am living in a freaking Residence Inn because of them.

The long: Come to find out there are about 20K or more people in my situation or worse. Some with "warranty repairs" going on for years. Many homeless because of them. Some of these people are elders. They've destroyed literal lives.

The CEO, Marcus Lemonis, is one of these guys out here preaching about company culture and customer service like he knows something about it. He was on Shark Tank or something of the sort. Total tool. They even have their employees trolling in the forums where people talk about what CW has done to them. Because there are so many, they need to monitor them.

This is late stage capitalism in action. They own the company that sells the RVs (Camping World) AND the warranty company (Good Sam) and sell insurance. They also go buy local RV spots and don't rename them to trick people into buying from them. I've had multiple employees block me and they actively delete my comments on their FB page. It is their whole company culture.

And the stories you can find from ex employees are just sad to read. Apparently they get yelled at and belittled every single day to make numbers. And they are trained to lie to, cheat, and steal from customers.

Everything is about upsell with them. I even saw a case where they screwed a lady out of like $40k on her purchase price (over the manufacturer's list) and they gave her a $500 gift card as a resolution. They thrive on taking advantage of humans whether employee or customer.

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