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They made up a lie saying they don’t have my phone number

Well I made head way on my nightmare recently. I bought a new trailer put down 10000 dollars 4 months ago. The siding was missing the tire bubbled and various trim and clips falling off or missing and the fridge cover missing. This was supposed to be fixed before picking it up 4 months ago.

1 month after pick up they told me they are refusing to fix the trailer because it sat on their lot too long and can’t warranty it. I told them I’m dropping it off and I want my money back or I will be hiring an attorney and suing them. I was then assured the parts would be ordered.

Another month goes by and nothing was. Sent an email from Marcus Lemonis office asking how my purchase was and demanded a refund they called then called the camping world in Reno of course they made up a lie saying they don’t have my phone number and the parts were never ordered. Which a straight lie because you can’t get ahold of anyone in that hell hole and I’ve been calling them every hour every day 6 days a week leaving nasty messages.

I live several hours away from this place and the trailer was sitting 30 miles from them because I was unable to move it. It snowed like hell all winter here with my fridge vent missing and them refusing to fix it. They finally robbed the parts off another trailer I guess.

Went and picked it up for me. Of course they wouldn’t drop it back off so I had to make an 8 hour round trip and miss work there’s another grand they’ve screwed me out of. At least I got what they promised they’d fix 4 months later and the thousands of dollars I’m out living in hotels for work and driving back and forth.

So anyway get the trailer haul it back slide the slides out and it rips all the cabinets out of the ass end. Hook up the water and of course it’s leaking everywhere spent several hours ripping this pile of shit apart and replacing fittings and plex line because of course I’d have to bring it in for warranty work that’ll be another 5 grand and 4 months to hell with this place. I own my mechanical repair service and will start sending invoices.

Name: Trent

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