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This is just a short version of the whole story

I carried my RV Winnebago 2013 Class A to Camping World of Roanoke, Va. On July 5th of 2022 to get warranty work done on the Whole Side Wall Slide. I also had some Body Damage, but I only wanted the warranty work performed for my Vacation at the end of the Month of July of 2022. When I dropped it off, I was told they could do the Body Work too. I told them after my Vacation, and I’ll bring it back. So, when it came time to pick it up, I called them and was told that they were still waiting on parts. I asked them when they could start the bodywork. I was told they would start on it in September. I said I'll just leave it there then.

I filed a claim with insurance on July 12th, for the Bodywork.

My insurance carrier paid CW almost $17000 for the Bodywork on 8/11/22.

At the end of September, I called and asked how the Bodywork was going. I was told the Body Repair Man was Sick.

I called in October and asked about the Body work, they said they had to order the Compartment Doors from Winnebago and they had to make them. But the Slide has been fixed and if I wanted to use the RV I could come and pick it up. I told them I live 3 hours away and I’ll just leave it until it is repaired.

I called another time and was told that one of their workers was moving RVs around and damaged 2 RVs and that they needed to be repaired first before they work on mine.

I called CW 11/17/22, to see if they could Winterize my RV? I was told $159.99 to $199.99. I told them never mind, I’ll ride up and do it with 2 gallons and 30 minutes. I was told don’t worry about it, that they would take care of it.

I asked about the bodywork again; I was told the Repair Man was Sick.

Sometime in December I was asked by CW not to call my Insurance Company, for they already are having problems with other Insurance Companies and their Bodyshop.

I called again in January and asked about the Bodywork. I was told they had started work on the RV and should be completed by the First week of March.

February 7th, I received an Email stating CW wanted my deductible for the warranty work for the Slide and that they’ll be starting my Bodywork within a couple of weeks. So, on March 1st I called my insurance and told him most of this story and asked if he could speak to Camping World on my behalf of the Body Work.

On 3/2/23 I had some messages from CW for me to call them and that it was an emergency. I called CW, and I was informed my RV had been stolen, that I needed to call Roanoke Police and tell them this was concerning Case #2023-00006725 that CW reported my RV was Stolen on 2/28/23.

I called the Police, told them my name and Case #2023-00006725, they said my name is not on that Case # and that another Detective would call me back. A Detective called me back and took my name and told me that Case #2023-00006725 was filed by CW on 1/27/23 about 2 RV’s whose ignitions had been tampered with and he said he would call CW and get back with me. The Detective called me back in about 30 minutes and told me that now as of March 2nd my RV had been Reported Stolen from CW by a CW Employee.

On 3/6/23 was fastest thing CW did since I’ve been dealing with this situation, they paid my insurance the $16000+ back from the check they cashed back in August.

3/9/23, I spoke to Debbie Fiegen, a Customer Service Specialist, on the phone. I asked her how CW was going to make this right with me?

3/10, I received an email from Debbie saying the National Service Director, upon his review, she can offer me $1,400.00. This is in addition to the $380.00 credit applied to the outstanding balance for the extended service plan deductible, which CW cannot prove the work has been done.

I took that as a big insult, of course I denied their generous offer, also sent back some sarcastic emails concerning their offer. I also told CW not to call me no more to only communicate by email.

3/13, I talked CW of Roanoke about counselling my warranty and was told that someone would get in touch with me that evening or the next day about my Warranty. But they called 4 days later instead, it sounded like a conference call, I was talking to Tristan of CW of Roanoke, but I wasn’t told it was a conference call. But Debbie sent an Email one minute after I got off the phone with CW and asked what it would take to compensate me?

I sent them an email stating what I would like.

They sent me an email saying they wanted to know what I wanted as compensation again. I sent the same email 2 more times.

So, on 03/21/23, I sent an email and have not heard back. I’ve sent 3 more emails since and still haven’t heard back.

On the evening of April 3rd, I was riding in an area with not good cell phone service, someone called me from this number (904-309-2621), it was a man. He told me to stop emailing CW and Debbie, that CW was not going to pay me anything and talk to my insurance company. I said, “you had my RV for 8 months, got paid to repair it, just to have it stolen from your lot, not even knowing when and you’re not going to pay me?” He said no, so I hung up on him.

When I got home, I did some research on the phone number, it’s a cell phone number from Jacksonville, Florida. And it belongs to a Steven Fogle, a Senior Vice President of Camping World in Illinois, a cell phone number he has had for at least 9 or 10 years. After I researched the number, I texted him saying I didn’t understand the full conversation and gave him my email address to let me know what he had to say. I still haven’t heard from him. I also didn’t let him know that I knew who he was.

April 13th, I got a message on my phone from Jason Shipley, an Executive Problem Solver at Camping World, he stated he was calling on behalf of Steve Fogle to see if they could get me some clarity and help me. I returned his call, and he did not answer so I emailed him. We emailed back and forth a few times on April 15th, with him asking what kind of unit I was interested in and that he could give me a deal of the decade. Then he sent an email saying we needed to address 3 items such as the whole wall slide repairs, time out of service and insurance. I emailed back stating, the slide work was warranty work that took way longer than it should have, the insurance work was never done or started and out of service time was 8 months and CW would not even known it was stolen if it had not been for my insurance company contacting them to check on the progress of the repairs. I also informed him how unprofessional Steve Fogle was and did not appreciate his phone call.

April 17th, Was the last time I heard from Jason Shipley, he said he hadn’t gotten back to me due to having had a procedure that morning and would be getting back to me the next day. Also, on that day 14:47 I signed the Power of Attorney of the RV to my insurance company. It just happened to be the same day at 17:40 the Roanoke County Police informed me that the RV was found in Statesville NC at a Loves Truck Stop and the employees say that the RV had been there at the truck stop for a week or so. The RV was towed Skeet’s Towing impound lot.

April 18th, an insurance adjuster called me, and we ended up having a heated discussion about the RV. He told me that they will clean it up and repair the RV and return it to me. I told him I didn’t want it and that an insurance agent said once that it was reported stolen that they considered it totaled. I also told him that an employee of that insurance said that I should get the $16000+ repair check should go to me, but another employee said that the bank should get it.

On April 19th, an insurance adjuster emailed me and told me where the RV is located. Another insurance adjuster called me to see if I was going to go look at the RV and if I was, he said to take pictures to send to him and that their investigators were looking into it as well.

April 21st, my girlfriend and I drove 3+ hours to Statesville NC to check out the RV. It appears that the RV was used as a meth lab or something, and we should have worn hazmat suits and respirators when we went inside. There was white residue and dried white liquid from front to back inside the RV. Some residues even leaked to the lower compartment area. You could tell no one had slept in the RV.

April 28th, an insurance claims specialist for my Insurance called me. She told me that in the first week of May they were sending a Chemical Testing Company to the RV to find out what substances are in the RV. Also, they were going to have someone who works Skeet’s Towing and have them do a live video showing of the RV to see what the damage to the RV is. She said they were going to clean it up and repair it, then return it to me. She asked if I had any questions, I told her not at this time.

May 3rd, I sent the insurance claims specialist an email and informed her that I didn’t want the RV back and no more phone calls, email me only.

As far as the warranty work CW performed on the whole wall slide it was not done right and was not sealed, so it leaked rain into the RV since last August. As far as the body work, no body work had been started.

May 19th, I received an email from my insurance stating the Lab Report came back Positive for Methamphetamine and the insurance company now considers the RV Totaled due to the levels of methamphetamine.

May 24th, I started working on the GAP Insurance again, so I called CW of Roanoke to talk to Tristan about the Warranty I cancelled on March 17th, they said he was busy and hasn’t finished the paperwork yet due to something with the service department and that he would call me back. He didn’t call.

I texted a lawyer and told him about that situation and he called Jason Shipley. Jason said he would call Tristan and would get that straightened out. Jason told the lawyer he would be emailing me some good deals on RVs, but that never happened.

Also, on May 24th I received a letter from the Attorney General of Virginia, who sent my complaint to CW of Roanoke and CW stated that they told what to do and this complaint was taken care of, that they offered gesture of goodwill ($1400) for time loss, and this is not their problem.

On May 25th, I received an email from Martin Kvasnicka for me to sign to cancel my extended warranty. I signed the document and sent it back to him. He made it out that I was the hold up for not signing a document, the one he sent me on May 25th.

On June 6th, I received an email from my warranty company, and they said they can’t cancel my warranty contract, due to an open claim. I sent Martin Kvasnicka that email and told him to take care of it.

On June 9th, a salesman from CW of Roanoke called me and wanted to know if I wanted to trade my RV in on a new RV, I said sure, just go down to Carolina and pick it up. He asked why was it in Carlona? I told him it was stolen from your lot and turned into a meth lab, and I will trade with him. He said oh this is you, I said yes, it’s me. I told him when we get off the phone to go over and tell Martin to straighten out that warranty claim or I’ll come up there and talk to him. The salesman said he would go tell him. My warranty claim was finally straightened out after 3 months!

Anyway, as of June 19th, I’m still making RV payments and have only seen it once since July 5th of 2022, that was at Skeet’s Tow lot. And I still haven’t heard from Jason Shipley or CW, other than that salesman.

This is just a short version of the whole story.

Name: Tina Klacynski

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