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We thought this is a big company - this should be safe

In Nov 2022 we purchased a Winnebago Journey 2008 from Camping World- Chattanooga TN. Quick back story-Our fuel pump went on our 1998 RV. We were on our way to AZ and broke down in Knoxville TN. After getting a ridiculous estimate (12K) to repair it from Freightliner in Knoxville, we decided to sell it for practically nothing and started our search for another RV.

10 days later we ended up at Camping World - we purchased a 2008 Winnebago that my boyfriend found online. The best we could do given the fact we were paying hotel fees had 2 cats with us. We saw it and liked it.

We were at the Camping World several times before we purchased it - the 1st 2 times there was no mention of it being sold as is- no sticker on the windshield and nothing in writing. And it certainly was not priced like an "as is". However, the day we were completing the paperwork all of a sudden the term "as is" being said left and right. We asked why it wasn't mentioned before, and we never got an answer. Looking back, I know we were played- the sales guy in training was Tomer- knew nothing and the guy training him kept taking off. We literally had to figure everything out on our own.

I have to admit I had a bad feeling because of their demeanor, but with 2 cats in the car waiting for us, we thought this is a big company - this should be safe. Fast forward our 1st 2 nights in the RV , it will not convert to electric when plugged in. We did identify that there was a power issue prior to purchasing because the microwave clock was not on . We told Steven- the guy training Tomer - he had service look at it and they got it to come on - We asked numerous times how did they get the electric to work but we were ignored. At the time all they would say it was fixed - not an issue anymore. We had to take their word for it as it was impossible for us to test it ourselves at the dealership.It was in a parking lot with no way to plug it in.

I was so upset so I emailed Marcus Lemonis - and to my surprise he set us up with Little Rock Camping World . The Manager of the service dept said we needed a new inverter and there was no way that Chattanooga could have not known this. He agreed they hid it from us- concealment . However, this job was done on their dime. They did resolve it. And the electric is ok now. But to go thru that days after a purchase is so wrong.

Once in AZ for a few months, the AC doesn't work the 1st time we turned it on. My boyfriend figured out what it needed and replaced the motor. $600 and it was fixed. Now we are in June 2023- ready to go back east - but now our airbags will not inflate when we start the RV. And like Chattanooga Camping World, the mechanics around here are shysters. We are having technician #2 coming tomorrow and they all cost a minimum of $650 just to diagnose- and they don't even have to be right - just for driving to and from our site where we are stuck they walk around tire kick and so far no one can figure it out.

What a shame it is that as soon as we say a 2008, I feel like everyone says oh but it's older- you should know this will happen. Should I ? When we already know they knew and concealed the bad inverter. I am a consumer - it's my job to hold my end of the purchase agreement- not to be a mechanic. Had I known that everytime we try to drive or use the amenities they sold us on, this RV would fail costing us our savings and ruining our credit because we have to keep extra funds for this failing mobile home- had we known we would had high tailed from Little Rock to Chattanooga and we would had rescinded this purchase back in November. Is there anything we can do when we have had 3 substantial issues in just 7 months- and we have been parked most of the time!

Name: Pamela Shirk

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