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Camping World of Oakwood, Georgia continues to lie

Camping World of Oakwood Stay Far Away. Camping World of Oakwood, Georgia continues to lie. Our brand new Jayco travel trailer continues to sit at Camping World's parking lot. Corey informed my husband this morning he does not know anything except the camper is scheduled to go into the shop.

We purchased this camper in March 2021, with only three weekends of use. I purchased the camper as a home away from home for travel nursing. Please future buyer stay far away from this store unless you enjoy endless lies, paying a monthly payment on a camper to sit at Camper World, spend hundreds of dollars for hotels, gas, and food due to your job assignment, and get the real inside experience of a lifetime in corporate thievery, lies, and evil from Camping World, Marcus Lemonis, and JayCo.

Name: Kathy Walden

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