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CW is nothing but a huge scam. We will never use their services again.

CW is nothing but a huge scam. We will never use their services again.

We bought a used toy hauler June 2020 from a private seller. We went to CW to schedule an inspection. Two weeks later we drop it off.

Going into this, we already knew from the previous seller the bathroom fan didn’t work and at least 1 LP hose needed replacing, but we didn’t mention that to the service department. Once the inspection was done, we went up to CW and they revealed the only issues found on our 12 year old toy hauler was the need for a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector and the roof needed to be recaulked in some areas.

We asked about the bathroom fan. Nope! It’s marked off as working. Hmm. Ok. So we agreed to have them put down new caulk in the areas needed. My husband called the next day and spoke to someone in servicing about the fan and again they confirmed it worked.

The day we picked it up we took the service desk guy out with us to look at our TH. It was then we confirmed the fan didn’t in fact work. How about that? My husband then took him out to the propane tanks and turned them on. Voila! Suddenly there is a gas smell, but the inspection stated they inspected the LP tanks and hoses.

While a service guy came out and fixed that, for another $66, my husband inspected the roof. He took pictures of the absolutely horrible caulk job they did. We were assured they used self leveling caulk and it would smooth out and cover the huge gaps. It was over 90 degrees outside. It would’ve already self leveled from what we were told by someone outside the organization. Not to mention they didn’t scrape off the old caulk.

So we paid over $600 for literally nothing. We did, however, get $270 of that back eventually from corporate. We should’ve gotten it all back! We literally paid for nothing but a bucket of lies.

Name: Peggy Borgmeyer

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