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Frustrating is an Understatement

I bought my camper in May 2019(brand new) and identified a list of minor repairs needed within the first 30 days and we opened warranty tickets.

4/15/20: So on March 30, 2020 Gander RV of Thornburg, VA informed me they were going to be ordering the linoleum to replace my kitchen flooring that day and today (15+days later) I find out that they just ordered it today after the manufacturer’s rep questioned the order # so he could assist in getting it shipped ASAP.. It makes since now why they have had my camper since December 2019 and still not successfully completed with the repairs. They have had my camper for a total of almost six months (total) to make the warranty repairs, all while I continue to make my monthly payments and beg for updates and expected completion timelines.

Frustrating is an understatement in regards to this experience.

First week of May 2020: we finally got our camper back, Gander RV delivered it because they said the repairs were completed. We did an initial inspection and I was not happy with some of the repairs they deem complete but I figure I will document and prepare for the fight. The delivery driver leaves, we connect and turn on the water and the camper floods because they didn’t tighten the plumbing connections in the bathroom. I immediately call the service manager who sends the “delivery driver” back to fix the repairs, he looks at the issues and stated he is not a tech and calls back to the office, they send another tech out and so now we have a technician here at our house working on the camper in our driveway fixing the previous repairs. Now we have water that has soaked into the sub flooring and who knows what else.

I have since moved and am supposed to be able to take my camper to another Camping World location to continue the repairs after the season is over, we will see what happens...

Name: Rodney Cook

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