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Future buyer beware

$468.00 One Ounce Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

Our brand new Jay Feather Micro-Ultra-Light Travel Trailer continues to sit at Camping World, Oakwood Georgia while I pay $468.00 for a hotel room each week. The follow up calls today continues to be an absolute waste of oxygen, Jim, (Service Manager) informs my husband again this morning, " the refrigerator is on back order, have no ideal when it will be here." China must have a factory on Mars. I cannot use enough Listerine mouthwash to wash the cuss words clean out of my mouth.

Please future buyer beware, Camping World Corporation from the top to Oakwood, Georgia would rather hide up a tree and tell lie after lie instead of stand on the ground and speak the truth. My Grandma always said, "What goes over the devil's back, come up under his belly." I wonder if the employees of Camping World has any clue to this wise woman's words and meaning. I say this because the infamous Marcus Lemonis supposedly keeps his words, "IF YOU'RE NOT HAPPY, I'M NOT HAPPY." face all over Camping World's lobby. Truthfully, he should replace his slogan with, "I AM HAPPY BECAUSE I STEAL MY CUSTOMER'S BLIND AND GRIN LIKE THIS ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK."

Name: Kathy Walden

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