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Had issues from the beginning

We bought a brand new 2020 Coleman Lantern and had issues from the beginning. First it had a leak on the roof and we had to take it back to get it repaired. It took them a couple of weeks. The fridge and water heater never worked properly. There was another leak under the sink that had to be fixed.

Last year in March we had a hail storm and we had some damages on one of the sides of the RV. After a couple of months we started calling to get a status on the repair and we always got sent to a voice mail or transferred to someone that knew nothing. This kept going on for months. We live 2 hours away and work full time so it's not that simple to just show up.

11 months later someone says that they found a soft spot in our roof and that they filed an additional claim (supplement) with our insurance company and that they were waiting to hear from them. I call my insurance company and they advised there is no such claim.

I call Camping World to let them know I have caught them in a lie and they went ahead and filed the claim. My insurance company denies the claim because the soft spot had nothing to do with the hail storm. This people left my RV uncovered for 11 months and that's how my roof got damaged. Now they want to charge me $7,000 to replace it.

I have an extended warranty I purchased from them and it does not cover the roof either. I asked them to sent me a copy of the repairs that were made to the RV's roof when I first bought it and they claim they never repaired my roof. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. I have no words!!!

Name: Gladys Aguilar

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