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I am an expert witness in the RV industry

I really wish there was a way that we people that are posting on this website to communicate with each other. Years ago I owned an RV repair business and I worked at an RV dealership and I know what can happen to a consumer when they get to one of these locations of their choice.

Never ever go to an RV show and sell and purchase the very day that you get there. You have to sleep on the deal for a couple of days you also need to make sure that they are willing to reveal to you the documentation of the propane system testing including all of the appliances that burn propane.

Massive amounts of propane could be very explosive even very small amounts of propane in a leak can be very explosive. I’ve said this before and I will say it again one liquid gallon of propane in the system of your RV and your RV has a leak of propane that one liquid gallon can become 270 gallons of explosive vapor.

30 gallons of propane in the tank equals 8100 gallons of explosive vapor if there’s a leak

Also never be too quick to purchase an extended warranty because you’re going to get bent over. The reason I say this is because they are never going to show you the list of items that extended warranty does not cover.

When you go to that RV show and sale of your choice keep in mind that the RV dealerships are going to send their most ruthless sales people to that show. Think of them as traveling gypsies they’re going to be there today but tomorrow they’re not gonna be able to be found.

RVs depreciate much faster than new cars and used cars. Most people that buy RVs do not use them like they think they are going to use them they usually wind up in a storage facility and you pay the monthly expense.

Don’t be too quick to buy an RV that’s built on a foreign chassis. If I was going to buy an RV I would make sure that it’s on a Ford chassis or maybe if it’s a large diesel pusher type of RV I would make sure that it’s a Cummins engine. That way you can easily have it serviced as far as the engine and transmission are concerned at a truck stop or a truck repair center.

Don’t be too quick to buy those Front Wheel Drive RV’s. you are asking for major mechanical issues on those

It would be nice if they would set this website up where I could reply to other peoples postings or other people could reply to postings that get posted. I was talking to the Law Firm that’s handling cases against camping world.

I am an expert witness in the RV industry he’s only handling lemon law cases one at a time. He’s not getting involved in a class action lawsuit if everybody could come together in finding attorney that would handle class action lawsuits that would be a good thing for everybody that posts on this website.

Before you purchase any RV of your choice ask the RV dealership to show you the complete safety check and operations check of the RV that you are looking at make sure everything is documented and a complete report of what the RV technician checked out. If the documentation does not include a propane safety check including all of the operational appliances that burn propane and make sure the documentation includes a carbon monoxide test result. If they’re not willing to do that that means they do not care about your life.

When you get a chance go on Google and look up Senator Mike Monroney LAW. The law was passed back in 1958 by Senator Mike Monroney the law requires any new car dealership to have brand new cars on the lot they must have the Monroney sticker clearly posted on the car that you are thinking about buying.

If they do not have the window sticker or the MSRP or The Monroney sticker both are the same walk away because they’re trying to ask you for a shit load more money than what the car manufactured sticker price is

I went to Costco today and they had a brand new GMC truck sitting out there in front where everybody could see it it had an $8000 markup price on the GMC truck. They did not have the Monroney law sticker posted they only had the market value adjustment sticker saying hey we want 8000 more than what the window sticker is but we’re not going to show you their MSRP/window sticker

This Monroney law does not apply to RVs. That means they can play big-time games with your head regarding the real price of the RV that you are thinking about buying. Also make sure when you read the contract that there’s no binding arbitration law Contant embedded into the contract that you would what sign to purchase the RV

The mandatory arbitration clause is set up so that if you do decide to sue the RV dealer and take them to court you are going to get bent over you’re never going to get your case in front of a judge and a jury that will not happen if there is an arbitration clause in the contract.

Never sign a contract that’s got the word arbitration printed in it anywhere because you’re asking to get screwed.

There’s one RV dealer that operates in Florida and if you buy an RV from that particular dealership guess what if you decide to sue that RV dealer that’s based in Florida you have to travel all the way to Michigan to file the lawsuit. You cannot sue them in the state of Florida because the contract says if you decide to take the RV dealer to court you have to go to Michigan to file your lawsuit.

The reason the RV dealer is doing this is because they know that the laws in Michigan do not protect the consumers the way they should they protect the businesses that rip off the consumer.

My name is Stick Bogart and my Gmail account is. Stickbogart Or you can touch base with me if you’ve bought an RV you can also touch base with me if you’re thinking about buying an RV I’m not asking you for any money I’m not soliciting you for any money but I will give you free advice that will help prevent you from getting ripped off from the RV dealership of your choice.

I can go to Maricopa superior courts website and look up RV dealerships that are based in Maricopa county and a lot of them have a bucket load of lawsuits that have been filed against the RV dealers. Never be too quick to buy an RV from an RV dealer that has a bucket load of lawsuits in their history. If you do you are asking for trouble.

The RV industry is not like going to a car dealership it’s completely different they play all kinds of games and the salesman that sells you the RV there’s a good chance he probably won’t be there five or six months after the sale

Where I lived out in Florida they called them gypsies. I’m glad this website is up I really a.m. I just wish they had it set up that if I posted or somebody else posted a comment on somebody else is posting that individual would get notified to come back and read with somebody attached to their posting it would develop more traffic to the website and help inform consumers that somebody is trying to help them out and give them good advice that’s what I like to do.

I’m thinking about developing a Facebook page If I do it will be advocates for RV buyers. I’m so sick of RV buyers being taken advantage of. It’s time we come together collectively as a team and expose this and whoever owns this website has my email address I would love to talk to them. Also if you’re thinking about buying an RV travel trailer look up your towing specs on your pick up truck or SUV to make sure the RV dealer is not trying to sell you a travel trailer that weighs more than what your vehicle was designed to tow. If you buy a travel trailer that’s too heavy for your towing vehicle you are asking for trouble when you go down the hill and you can’t stop the elephant will push the dog down the hill.

And there’s a good chance you could possibly burn up your brakes trying to stop that big elephant that’s pushing you down the hill. When you go to an RV center to buy an RV or have your RV repaired make sure you get a bullet list of everything that they’ve done and if they do not show you the propane test results they probably didn’t do any testing at all for leaks. Propane gas is very explosive and most of your RV technicians do not even know how to do a proper leak check on propane systems.

Name: Stick Bogart

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