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I am so frustrated by this company and been treated so terribly

August 28th 2021 we purchased a forest river 28 rb. Did a walk through a few things needed repair. They said take it home we will schedule a appointment and have it fixed in a few weeks.

We did that. Dec 2, 2021 we brought it in for repairs. Jan passed we heard nothing. Feb we started going in to check on camper was told parts are on back order due to covid. March we go in told its next in line for repairs. April we go in they tell us they broke the hitch and replace it we walk in it our lights in bedroom hagging door off the closet over the bed ask why told they have no idea. Asked again when will my camper be fixed they tell me soon end of April told they tried putting the decal on but made a mistake and need reorder them and to do it again.

Then end of April told it was done and they did a walk through not one thing was done now the solar not strong enough to close the slid they tell us that it was wired backwards and they needed to rewire it..

May comes another walk through. We are asked to take our camper home nothing is done. Paul the service manager calls a tech over to screw in some screws that were missing notices are straps for a batteries are gone notices that are propane tanks are missing and replaced with old ones he had the tech new ones and put them back in but not the straps our refrigerator door is still scratch never replaced or shade in the kitchen which was white that should have been black like the rest of the camper was not replaced our sink drain was missing come to find out both are hot and cold water caps and the bathroom sink are missing and our solar still isn't being fixed. Our heating element for the bedroom air conditioner was never installed.

Paul the service manager says they don't have anybody qualified to install it and when they do they will put it in the guy that will do that is in school at the moment. Then notice a scratch on Mantle and oil on rug and instead of replacing a broken trim they put a thin coating of putty looks terrible asked them to replace it. Refrigerator door still scratched still sitting there details still not on or in.

Paul again asks us to take the camper home and tells us that he will have a check come to our house to fix it .. I'm thinking it's being used as parts now and being damaged so we need to get this home. I makes a deal with Paul that we would take this camper home as long as every time a part came in that he would come to the house and install it until the camper was completed. Paul agrees and puts that in writing through a parts advisor Amy.

A tech comes to our house has the wrong decals, has the wrong light cover for the bedroom like they broke and replaced but does have the shade and does have the sink cover that was taken from the camper. He looks at the refrigerator and says they didn't order a new door but you need one it looks at the man so I show him the scratches he takes pictures he looks at the molding above the TV he takes pictures it does need to be replaced he looks at the molding, off the wall and needs to be glued he looks at the linoleum that is lifting on the floor where we can't even close our slide he says that needs to be glued.

Now I check on the status of all this stuff that they should have here and done it is now August almost a year later I am told we are lucky that we have a tech coming to the house and they're not charging us that they do not have to come each and every time a part comes in that they're going to come one more time and that is it.

I am totally frustrated they tell me that I could use this camper as it is we cannot we bought anywhere camper with the solar system that doesn't work we have linoleum that is lifted up we can't even close our slide. I am so frustrated by this company and been treated so terribly I just want to wash my hands of this camper and give it back for a full refund including the extras we had paid to have put on.

Very sad by the time we can use this camper it will be 2 years old, our 1 year warranty is up and we never used it

Name: Charles Winters

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Neal Davis
Neal Davis
Aug 24, 2022

Suggest you call Forest River and tell them your story. If they offer to fix some or all, then take camper there as soon as possible. If not, ask who they work with on extended warranties. Buy an extended warranty from one of the companies Forest River has worked with in the past. As soon as your extended warranty is active, make an appointment at Forest River. They built it, so no one can fix it better. Plus the standard path to service tech at a manufacturer's service center is from the assembly line.

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