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Oh gee, where do I start?

Oh gee, where do I start? I have always kinda been a sucker I guess, I don't care much for confrontations and complaining. But this is something I have to share. One of Good Sam's perks seems to be roadside assistance, which was the baited hook I swallowed whole, but first my Camping World experience in Davenport Iowa:

Class A, water heater. Fairly brainless replacement for the agile tech, even if it IS in a halfway snug location. The insulation he broke off the tank was just minor compared to his trying to splice PEX to PEX with a PVC union. It lasted about 4 days before that joint blew out and I had to figure out what he did.

The fix was simple enough, just go to a home center and get a Sharkbite, took a whole 2 mins 45 seconds to actually do right. I waited in pain most of the day due to back problems for this shop to do it wrong.

Now, for the REAL kicker. Have/had (No more annual $239 payments) the Platinum Complete roadside plan - as it appears on the surface, it covers service and tire repair/replacements in the event of a problem on the road....Again a Class A 35 foot 26,000 LBS 60 mph..... left front tire blowout, very knarly and dangerous and lucky to maintain control without killing anybody.

I jumped thru ALL of the hoops I was presented, including pictures of the destroyed tire etc. Well, yesterday I received word that Sonsio refuses to cover the tire under the Good Sam plan because they cant tell where the "air escaped from". Hummm, they can't tell this failure resulted in the near death of several people and by nature of momentum, weight and the explosive failure the air most likely came out the majority of the tire all at once? Total cost of this lubeless back-door insertion = $677 Take your chances with anything from this guy!

Name: Michael

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