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Still don't have my RV back yet

We bought our RV in February, 2021. We've had it out on two separate weekends when the refrigerator developed a coolant leak. Also had a slide topper that broke. Took it back to Camping World in Tulsa, OK for repairs in early June. Still don't have my RV back yet.

They told me that the manufacturer sent a unit that was bad from the factory and it supposedly took several weeks to get another unit. (Possible, I suppose) During all this time, they said they had the slide topper, or they had the fabric and were waiting on the roller, or they had the roller and were waiting on the fabric.

Last week, the service person said that the cooling unit was here and the roller would be in the next day. Went there today and the same service person said that it was due in next week. Will wait one more week, then contacting our attorney to get our money back.

Name: Scott Bunch

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