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Supervisors curse during meeting threatening employees with there job

Emerging in to another location has brought so much sleepless nights stressful mentally financially and emotionally drained .Every morning waking up in pain suffering with the flu .The work place is not suitable for anyone to work . I am a detailer my job is to make sure Trailers Motor Homes and Fifth wheels are sanitized Clean inside out .I've struggle since day one to get my work out temperature below freezing, Supervisors curse during meeting threatening employees with there job .The place is not equipped with the tools to get there work out so one is to make do with what they have or quit or be fired .I'm not able to do my job because I have no place to get my job done I'm put outside to power was trailers . Iv been sick with the flu several weeks now .waiting the promise they would make a wash bay . This year we were honerd a bonus based on performances well my hrs of performance was given to another's all the hard work bonus was given not to mention my over time no pay . I worked by myself all year in detail wash clean used and new trailers Fifth wheels Motor Homes as well customers units allso implied paint and fab all this work alone i know there is laws and regulations set in place for the giving my hrs and no pay for my over time . I worked hard and made sure that our customers were happy. There was times my boss would give me stickers to hide holes scratches and alot other damages do to trailers .moving over to the new store seems like a joke they have been open for a couple years selling pain and fab to customers but they are not applying the products because Noone knew how or was trained for it .Trailers not being clean right or not touch at all its been so stressful when I talked to the management they didn't have any response on why they letting all this happen still till this day they are selling it and the customers pay high price . There is so mush dirt going and every one seems to be okay with it .I'm losing time at work because of be sick working in the could I have a family to care for and bills don't stop I can't quit. Need so advise.

Name: Anonymous

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