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The Fifth wheeler was delivered damaged.

Valentine’s Day 2022. The wife and I go to camping world to buy a fifth wheeler. Without a vehicle capable of towing at the time, we schedule a delivery for later the same week. I leave work to accept a delivery that was suspiciously delivered over 5 hours later than scheduled, from an out of state tow company, and delivered after the closing hours of Camping World.

The Fifth wheeler was delivered damaged. Upon my obvious disgust the driver shows me photos and videos that he had of the fifth wheeler being damaged already on the property of Camping World before he ever picked it up. Again since the delivery was so late, nobody was in the offices to receive my call, and being on Friday, no one was on the service side to help us all weekend. Assuming with hard evidence of photos and videos on the dealership’s property I signed the delivery paper.

Contacting camping world the following day, they reminded me of what happens when one assumes.

They tell me regardless of any evidence, the delivery papers were signed and it is now my property. A brand new 40 foot fifth wheeler that hasn’t even had a maiden voyage, now needs warranty repair. They continue by saying, all I have to do is bring it back to their property and they will fix it. They did not offer picking it up, they did not offer covering the costs of repairs, they also couldn’t even sum up the pride to apologize for what they had willingly done.

After getting it towed back to their facilities I begin waiting. After days of calls with zero information (not even an agreement of the initial terms on repairs I had requested) I receive a call informing me that I am “unnecessarily contacting their businesses”. This is at the fifth day they had possession of it. At day ten I get a call from someone in the warranty division. She informs me that they have agreed to my requests, but she has no information on the delivery time of all the parts necessary for repair. I am still waiting for the update and it has now been on their property for over 3 weeks now.

Name: Kyle Anderson

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