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The worst buying experience of my life

Bought a class A motorhome from Gander RV in Baxter, MN. I said I wanted a 7 year extended warranty and we worked out a deal, they said they wouldn't be undersold. Signed papers, wrote the check and was about ready to leave when they salesman approached me and said he couldn't do the deal, he needed $700 more and it would need to be a 5 year warranty.

I tired and said okay only to get home and find the exact same unit for sale in their parent company Camping World in Monticello, MN. I went right back and asked them to match the price which the reluctantly did .

This brand new RV had some problems they were going to fix before we took delivery but the problems did not get fixed and we ended up cancelling 2 trips. Winter came and rather than have it sit outside waiting to be fixed we put it in storage. Spring came and some problems were fixed but on out first trip we had major problems .

We sold the unit and was told we had to bring in the extended warrenty to get out money back. We dropped it off and when we never heard anything we called . Watch how they write the invoice, they included the extended warranty in the purchase price so we didn't get anything back and it wasn't transferable to new owners. Corporate days they can't do anything.

My 4th RV and the worst buying experience of my life.

Name: Anonymous

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