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There are 2 loans on MY camper and that’s why I have no title

I am putting this out here so if I can help just one person to keep from going through what my husband and I have with CW the last year.

Last July we purchased a camper from CW. We bring our camper home and start planning a few trips. When we left they gave us a transport tag to get home. I take what paper work I have and go to get tags. I’m informed I can’t get my tags with out a bill of sale or a title. So I called CW back explain my situation and they tell me they will handle it and call me back.

I waited and never got a call so I called them back told them the whole story again and they said they knew nothing about it. But they would send me temporary tags for the trips we had planned and if we planned any other trips just call and let them know and they would send more tags.

Hmmm ... so every time I want to take a trip I have to call them? That’s ridiculous!!! This was in July of 2020. I called them every month and every time I called they claimed they knew nothing about it but assured me they would call me back. Which they never did.

It is now March 2021 and we went to CW to talk to the manager who had promised to call us back. Long story short we were thrown out of CW and told not to come back or they would call the police on us. We have purchased this camper from them and 8 months has gone by and we want our title so we can get our tags which has now accumulated fines.

We then call corporate who tells us they will handle it and call us back because if your not happy they aren’t happy ( ha that’s a damn joke ). Once again no call back. So through CW experience FB page I found Gigi Stetler (awesome lady) and reached out to her for help.

She (Gigi) immediately helped me and she found out that there are 2 loans on MY camper and that’s why I have no title ( IMAGINE THAT 😡 ). I don’t know how this company is still in business. But I deal about 20 to 50 people a day 5 days a week that I have conversations with and I have told every single person that I talk to to NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM CW !!! That are crooks and liars !!!

I hope this will help someone else to not get scammed by this awful place !!!

Name: Anonymous

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