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Was a nightmare dealing with them.

Was a nightmare dealing with them. Drove 4 hours after them told me how much everything was out the door. Took the family and got everyone’s hopes up. Got there and the price was 3,000$ more then they told me.

My family was devastated so I bought anyways. Then the real nightmare began. Got home never got any payment book in the mail or so on. Called them bank sense it was local. Here I didn’t get a loan through them. Call CW and here after I left they changed the financial institute. To a bank across the country.

They said well we can do that and there is nothing you can do. Even though all the papers I signed had M&T bank on them and they financed through bank of the west. Then nothing but down hill from there.

First year I owned it they had it for 9 of those months. Because it needed a lot of repairs. In my book the repairs were done REALLY bad also. There is no talking to any of them on the phone. Playing phone tag and then they even lost my camper after they had it for 3 months. They lost it after they drove the 2 hours to come pick it up and take it to their lot.

That’s the short version.

Name: Jason Duke

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