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We feel we may need legal counsel due to the many problems

September 10, 2020

We just thought you might like to know how all the problems we are having with our RV are affecting our lives.

We are newly retired and bought our new 2019 Keystone Montana High Country fifth wheel October 2019 from Gander Camping World Roanoke, Virginia. We sold our home and planned to travel the country with our new RV.

We were so excited to travel in our new RV that we bought a washer and dryer, satellite dish, king orthopedic mattress, comfort height porcelain toilet, new towel bars, toilet paper holders and upgraded the TV to make it feel like home.

We are unable to travel and enjoy our retirement due to ongoing problems with our camper. We no longer have confidence to travel with this RV because each month since we bought it we’ve had one or more things malfunction, break down or leak. We spent all of our savings to buy this RV and are so frustrated and unhappy and can’t believe this is happening to us.

After months of poor service, lack of communication, improper repairs and rude management from Camping World Myrtle Beach, we decided to call Marcus Lemonis, CEO, Corporate Office.

March 19, 2020 talked to Amy from Camping World Corporate office. We told her all the problems we were having and the lack of help from Myrtle Beach Camping World and ask about a buy back. Amy said she would forward our info to Gander Outdoor World Roanoke Virginia where we bought our RV. She told us someone would get back to us that day or the next day March 19 or 20, 2020.

March 19, 2020, Jordan from Marcus Lemonis VIP Team corporate office called us back. We told her all about the warranty work that was done and the ongoing problems we are having. The water leak was not fixed after three repairs attempts were made. We also told her the auto stabilizers never worked properly. Camping World Myrtle Beach technicians recalibrated the system four separate occasions’ and they still do not work properly.

We told her the light in the half bath is still not working properly after it was repaired by Camping World. The light flickers and goes out when the fan is used. And the list goes on and on. We ask her about returning our RV for a refund or some kind of buy back. Jordan told us she would speak with the Myrtle Beach Office about the work that was done and get back to us.

March 19, 2020 we received an e-mail from Jordan with our case number and she thanked us for speaking with her. March 21, 2020 we e-mailed Jordan with the most recent problems and ask her to please get back to us with an update about our buy back case ASAP. DID NOT GET CALLED BACK

March 27, 2020 Service Manager from Camping World Myrtle Beach left message, asking us to call him back about the leak. March 28, 2020 talked to Service Manager Camping World Myrtle Beach he told us the Corporate Office referred us to him and he would like us to schedule another water test. We told him we already had two other tests done.

He was very rude and unprofessional we could not even finish our conversation. I told him we would get back to Camping World later. We decided to speak to the General Manager of Camping World Myrtle Beach because of how rude the service manager was.

April 2, 2020 left message for the General Manager refereeing to the water test. We told him because of Covid-19 restrictions we would not be able to get back into the camp grounds if we leave with our RV. We told him that we would have to wait until some of the restrictions were lifted.

May 11-13, 2020 we decided to try to get the leak fixed one more time. Camping World Myrtle Beach called us about getting a different water test done (pressure seal test) in order to find the leak. After Camping World Myrtle Beach had our RV for two in half days we found out they did not do the seal test and they only put a water hose on the area were they thought the leak was. After the last two tests we told them that a water hose does not work. We only get a leak after a strong rain storm.

Our service rep. told us that the pressure test doesn’t work on our type of RV. Not sure what was going on but we think corporate office told them to try and fix it. We feel so stupid for letting them have our RV again to try to find the leak. After all that on May 19, 2020 someone from Camping World Myrtle Beach called to setup the water test again. We told them we just had a water test done the week before. (Crazy the lack of communication)

Then a Camping World service technician was operating the bunk house slide and the cabling system dislodged from the wall causing it to be unusable. As of today the bunk house slide has not been repaired because the Camping world Tech. wanted to put in larger bolts into the broken bracket so we declined and told them they needed to come up with a better solution because it looks like the wall is buckled.

Camping World in Myrtle Beach SC has two different locations under the same management. (3632 Highway 501, Myrtle Beach SC 29579) and (Highway 501, 2295 Dick Pond Road, Myrtle Beach SC 29575) 877-304-7880. Our RV has been at each location for repairs and we just can’t believe the difference of opinion and the lack of communication between the two. It’s so unprofessional and very poor management.

We dealt with the Regional Vice President, the General Manager, the Service Manager, the Assistant Service Manager and several service technician and we feel that were getting nothing but a run around. One Manager or another would tell us that someone would call us about a repair in a few days and no one would call or they would give us a date for a technician to come to our camp site and no one would show up.

We would call and leave messages than days would go by and no one would call us back. We would physically have to drive to Camping World to speak to someone. After several attempts to repair ongoing problems we feel that Camping World is just string us along because our RV is under warranty. Because of all the issues with Camping World Myrtle Beach over several months we decided not to return to Camping World for any more repairs and to ask them to buy back our RV again.

On May 15, 2020 we called Camping World Corporate Marcus Lemonis CEO office after being on hold for 24 min. and speaking to Mike about all our problem and then Amy about all our problems, we were told that our case would be sent to a supervisor for review. After not hearing anything for 12 days from Camping World Corporate offices we called them May 27, 2020.

We were given a case number and told Jordan from Marcus Lemonis team was our case worker and that Jordan S. would call us back. She did not call us back. June 1, 2020 we called them back and spoke to Lauren and ask about our case and the return of our RV for a refund. Lauren told us that according to her computer our case was being processed and that Jordan H. was our new case worker.

On June 2, 2020 we decided to e-mail Jordan H. copies of the list of warranty work done, a list of all the problems up to date, a letter of our concerns and an informal request for a buy back according to Virginia RV Lemon Law. We did not hear back from Jordan H. our case worker (Marcus Lemonis team member).

We called her back on June 8, 2020. Jordan told us she received my e-mail and she did not have an answer about our case yet and said our case was under review by the Corporate Review Board and she would let us know ASAP with an answer.

June 12, 2020 we got an e-mail from Jordan H. case manager. She asks if we spoke to anyone from Camping World Service Dept. in Myrtle Beach recently. In an e-mail we ask her why we would hear from Myrtle Beach Camping World service dept. Did not get an answer back, so we called her the same day. We did not get a call back.

June 13, 2020 we sent an e-mail to Jordan H. with an informal buy back letter referring to Virginia Lemon Law and asking them to do the right thing and buy back our defective RV.

June 17, 2020 we got a call back from Jordan H. We talked about the water leak, the repair work and that Myrtle Beach can’t fix the leak. Jordan told us we need to go back to the Camping World service center for the problems. We told her we were done with the service center and we would like Camping World to buy back our RV.

She asks us if we had pictures of the leak and if we could send them to her. We sent her several pictures. We sent pictures of the water pooling on the floor, water dripping from outside seal next to the pin box, the broken slide cabling brackets, and the most recent problem the broken air conditioning unit. Jordan said she would call me back the next day

June 18, 2020. DID NOT GET A CALL BACK

June 25, 2020 called Camping World Corporate left message for Jordan H. and ask for an update about our case and told her we haven’t heard anything in over a week. She called us back the same day and told us Don the Resolution Manager from Marcus Lemonis team declined a buy back and would like to fix our RV and referred us back to Myrtle Beach Service Center. We told her we can’t believe this after months of back and forth with Camping World Corporate this is what they told us.

We ask her to send us the decision from Don the Resolution Manager in an e-mail. She told us she would. (DID NOT GET AN E-MAIL) I ask Jordan if I could speak to Don the Resolution Manager to voice our concerns, she said he was very busy and she would send him a message. (DID NOT HEAR FROM HIM) Jordan H. also said she would speak to Don about going to the manufacturer Keystone for a resolution. (DID NOT HEAR BACK)

As of today we have not heard anything from anyone from Camping World Corporate Offices.

July 27, 2020 we decided to send a certified signature required letters to Marcus Lemonis office requesting a buy back. We also sent a letter of our concerns, a list of the repairs and ongoing problems and a list of all the warranty work done to date. We have not heard back from Camping World but we did get the certified signature cards back August 3, 2020 Camping World Corporate.

The biggest ongoing problems is water leaking into the RV since Oct. 28, 2019 every time we get a bad storm the water leaks into the bedroom and runs under the closet in the front of the fifth wheel and leaks out of the front seal next to the pin box then drips water outside. We are concerned that the water inside under the closet could cause harmful mold. Camping World Myrtle Beach attempted to fix the water leak four different times they even sent a road tech to our camp site to look for the leak. (We still have water leaking somewhere around the bedroom slide. It seems to leak in around the lower part of the slide and under the front closet causing the wood trim to expand.)

One of the worse things was on June 15, 2020 our main air conditioner broke down when we had 80-90 degree temperatures. We called Camping World Myrtle Beach at the Rt. 544 location and could not get a service tech until June 26, 2020 (again 80- 90 degree temperatures.) When the tech finally came to our camp site he told us the unit would have to be replaced. After several days of not hearing from Camping World Myrtle Beach we called the corporate office to complain.

On July 6, 2020 we finally received a call from Myrtle Beach Camping World Rt. 544 location. We were told they would put a rush on the air conditioner unit. After waiting again for someone to call us back about the air conditioner replacement on July 27, 2020 we drove to the Camping World Rt. 501 location to ask about the air conditioner unit and we were told its been in the shop ready to be installed and we would get a call from our service rep about installing it. Yet again we did not get a call back about the air conditioner unit until Shelly Customer Support Manager Keystone RV Company called Camping World Myrtle Beach and it was repaired the next day. (Unbelievable)

On July 27, 2020 we also sent certified signature required letters to Keystone RV Company. We received the signature card back from Keystone on August 3, 2020. Keystone RV Company did call us on August 4, 2020 and left message. She asks if we could call her back in reference to our buyback letter.

August 5, 2020 we called Shelly Customer Support Manager Keystone RV Company, we left her a message to call us back ASAP. Called Shelly again August 6 and 7, 2020 left message on voice mail. Shelly from Keystone RV Company called us on August 12, 2020.

We talked about all the problem we’ve have had and are still having with our RV and ask her about a buying back our RV. She said they do not have any type of buy back program. Shelly told us the Product Manager was reviewing our case and would get back to use with a solution.

In the mean time she would get the air conditioner unit fixed. The air conditioner was replaced Aug. 13, 2020 by Camping World Myrtle Beach. A few days later there was a rain storm and the vent inside under the unit leaked water.

August 19, 2020 we called Keystone. As of today we are still working with Keystone for a solution. At this time we feel we may need legal counsel due to the many problems we are having and have had in the past ten months with our RV.

We also feel Camping World has not treated us fairly and our warranty is due to expire October 2020. We hope to take legal action. We are currently working with Keystone RV to try and fix our RV or give us some kind of compensation. So far Keystone has agreed to take our RV to the factory and try to repair it.

It’s been a long process and so stressful we just want it to be over and done with.


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