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We prepared for the best but not the worst, unfortunately

Hi everyone! We definitely quickly learned our lesson but just need some guidance or genuine advice since we are newbies. We are located in Poconos, PA. We prepared for the best but not the worst, unfortunately. 🫠

We went to Camping World in Bridgeport, NJ on 10/27/2022 to purchase our 2021 Coachmen Catalina Trailblazer Toyhauler 30THS for our temporary home to live in, which my fiancé & i communicated when looking at the trailer. I wasn’t working at the time so I thought getting approved was good luck… that ended up being false good luck. Everything worked at the lot during the walk through (of course). It sat on their lot until our campground communicated we could get it delivered by their third party on 11/10/2022.

We had issues with the delivery as soon as it got dropped off. They claimed the guy was only supposed to deliver our trailer but he helped us set the trailer up (my paperwork states he was supposed to do delivery and set up). Our delivery coordinator did not make sure our chairs were strapped down so they were flying all over the place for a 100 mile drive. She even called with the wrong name to confirm it was me and our trailer. (Red flag) We had a door where the trim came lose. We called/emailed them to tell them about how the delivery was and they told us “things happen, it’s a house on wheels” & took no accountability. Our delivery driver did not make sure our trailer was properly leveled, he beat my sewer line with a block to “help” put the piece into place, and put our trailer on the wrong cinder blocks. We were prepared to do these things ourselves, but that’s what he was paid to do.

On 11/15/2022, we were actually able to use our water (we didn’t have a long enough heated hose so we had to buy another one). After the second use of the kitchen sink, the hose bursts underneath to cause the sink to have water pouring out of the bottom onto the floor. We contacted the dealership the next day because we had their useless extended service warranty and let them know the issue and they offered to send a mobile technician, only to change it up and said we had to pay out of pocket and they would send the invoice to the company. They did not give us any verified technicians, only ones they found off of Google. At that point, we started to contact lawyers. So far, we haven’t had a lawyer willing to help us.

On 11/19/2022, we have a bunkhouse in the back of the camper and it started to move up and down on its own, waking us out of our sleep due to the random vibrations. We have the bunk moving on it’s own on video. We told the dealership about it and they laughed. We noticed they didn’t even put the safety pins in their spots to keep it locked in place.

On 11/20/2022, we tried to clean out our blank tank (we searched up videos on YouTube, the tank also didn’t work since the first week no matter what we tried). My fiancé & I were outside and noticed that water was leaking through the side of the camper and the back of the camper (we have videos) & were confused to what was going on. My fiancé went inside to find out there was about an inch and a half of water on the floor and still coming out of the toilet. We contacted an RV inspector to come out for that and because we noticed water that was NOT condensation coming through parts of our slide out and coming through the walls. He told us we have a broken water pipe and cracked seals/little holes on certain parts of the roof. ITS BEEN RAINING ALMOST EVERY OTHER DAY to where we can’t put a cover on the camper or properly seal up what we needed to. My fiancé was able to get up on the roof before we had a huge snow storm with -20 degree weather to seal some parts, but it still didn’t help. Our city water line/water heater is broken as well. We contacted even more lawyers because they did not want to send a mobile tech out with the warranty and did not want to cancel the warranty easily. It took about a month for someone to actually sign the papers for them to cancel it, then the money went rightttt back to the bank. 🥴

We eventually had enough and contacted my insurance company (even though it wasn’t our fault, we were trying to get the trailer swapped out, find a lawyer, or have them fix what’s going on. We are usually easy to work with) The insurance had an inspector come out who didn’t even go on the roof even though he seen water bubbles and soft spots. There is mold in the spots we told camping world about when we told them there was water coming through the walls and wet spots on the ceiling and walls. He was here for about 25 minutes all together. The insurance company let us know that we have to take the trailer BACK to Camping World for them to inspect and diagnose what’s wrong (it’s pretty obvious but who am I). The dealership blacklisted us, laughed at our concerns on the phone, and lied to us and now we have to trust them to “look at” our trailer for probably months, while at the moment, we have no other home to go to.

I just wanted to put my story out there, maybe to get some actually guidance/advice on what to do. We have been waking up basically everyday with something new and not being able to get ahead. We are young, newbies & got screwed over BADLY. We don’t have the best support system and our campground hasn’t been helpful either. Not even 3 months and it’s already going back to the shop. We haven’t had running water or able to use our propane since the first week we’ve had the trailer.

Name: Lynsey Surplus

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