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We will not purchase from them again

We bought a camper not knowing it had mold growing inside . We had our camper for one weekend and our window started pouring water in so we fixed it . We opened our booth up and there has been water damage before ! Our sink also leaks and the counter top is trying to come apart underneath . Our out door shower leaks into our bedroom and causes our carpet to get wet . We have had water come up under our bathroom wall and bedroom wall . We also have water damage in our kids rooms which “started off as just a stain in the carpet “ yeah right the sales man’s comment on stains was it’s a used unit . They cleaned this camper pretty good and had us fooled . We bought it in the heat of the summer and it had not rain the whole time we were purchasing this unit . Knowing what we know now about camping world we will not purchase from them again . Mold growing water leaking is a sign they do not look over there units properly. Who sells a family with a toddler and a baby on the way a camper with mold and leaking water !

Name: Anonymous

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