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Will be contacting a lawyer about this

I purchased a used camper from Camping World in Fayetteville, NC in May 2022. My salesperson, BK, was great. He showed us campers that was in our budget and the layout we wanted. He showed us the camper we purchased. We knew as soon as we saw it, that it was what we wanted. Checked off all our boxes, and then some.

That’s where the good story ends. As we were finalizing the papers, Jeremy ensured us that everything was in good working order. He told us that they are required to do an extensive inspection of the campers before they take them as trades. He also told us to set up an appointment with service for our 60 day warranty checkup. We did that. Keep reading…..

The individual that does all the finalizing of the sale kept pushing for us to get the Ultimate Extended Protection Plan. It was an added $7,000. He made it sound so good. We opted for it. Keep Reading…..

A week before the 60 day checkup, I noticed from my second story window, that a huge puddle was forming on the front of my camper. I took a pic of it and added it to my list of things to check. Here is my list:

Solar Panels not charging (came with 2 solar panels on the roof)

A red and black cable in my cabinet not connected to anything

Converter not making a noise when camper is plugged in…normal?

Nothing in camper works off battery power, except for the power tongue jack.

Rear view camera not getting power (came installed on camper)

Divot in roof by front cap

We dropped the camper off in Aug for the checkup. After a week, we get a text message from the service person Taylor. She stated the following:

· Solar Panels not charging: Panels are working, producing 13V charge

· Red and Black cables are for a 12v TV or CB Radio.

· Nothing in camper works off battery power, except for the power tongue jack: 30A fuse was blown, making battery power in-op.

· Converter not making a noise when camper is plugged in…normal? Converter appears to be working fine

· Rear view camera not getting power (came installed on camper): Camera works fine

Nothing about the roof in the text.

A couple days later, I receive an email with a quote for $9,500…FOR A NEW ROOF!!!! My wife and I went to Camping World of Fayetteville and spoke with Taylor. She told us that the roof was not covered under the Extended Plan we paid $7,000 for. I told her we just bought the camper and this is our 60 day warranty checkup. She said she would talk to management and let me know.

Three weeks later, and no communication over phone and multiple show ups at the store, we got our answer. The manager of Camping World of Fayetteville, Mark, informed me that they will not be covering the cost of the roof. He stated that people come in after owning the camper for 10 years and demand a new roof. Told him we just bought it and he said doesn’t matter, not going to happen.

So, the wife and I go back to the service counter to have our camper pulled to the front. Taylor then hands me an invoice for $571. I asked what this was for and she said it was for all the other work that was done on my list…the list Jeremy told me to make for my 60 warranty checkup.

So, in the long run, I took my camper, did NOT pay the service bill, and will be contacting a lawyer about this. I was either sold a camper with a rotted roof, which they lied to me about conducting a full inspection on it, the service department is lying to me about the roof, just to get money from me, or they knew about the roof and lied on the inspection. Either way, a lawyer will be contacted and obtained.

Name: Timothy Parker

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