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Can any lawyer out there help with this

I have a reply from the better business bureau . Camping world Sent them a letter saying they committed gross negligence against me and a straw purchase. Can any lawyer out there help with this . That's right from there general manager. Then the fired him the next day for writing it.

Name: Bill Mansfield

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27 de nov. de 2022

I wish there was at least one lawyer in this country who would help the consumers in this incredibly large problem. I also wish one of the Military Veterans groups would also do something about the false advertising about caring for our veterans. There are many just on this forum to include myself and a retired Navy veteran here in this RV park also. Not to mention all the disabled vets. Which includes myself also. My story will be added soon. But this company should not be allowed to sell another thing before something is done for the consumers. More people need to know but even then the market is set up in their favor.

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