From the day I walked in camping world I was lied to

From the day I walked in camping world I was lied to. They told me I could camp in the winter in the RV. I looked at it was not the one I wanted but told I could use it in winter I got it anyway .

I found out right away that was a lie I bought this camper last October and this September I still don't have it . If I skip the whole story right down to the end and all the other lies .recently I have contacted the attorney Generals office, the better business bureau, and iam going to the local news channels next .

Camping world responded to the bbb and told them they committed gross negligence against me in there own words . The manager that was dealing with NY case and wrote that just got fired for saying it yesterday. The sraw purchase they committed is a violation of the law and I'm going to the authorities next as well .

If anyone out there reads this don't go anywhere near a camping world .

Name: Bill Mansfield and Phyllis Spielmaker

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